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Bethenny Frankel’s Untouched PETA Nude

image via PETA and US Weekly

image via PETA and US Weekly

It’s pretty brave to pose nude, but it’s even braver to release the untouched version of the same nude photo. Or incredibly vain and self-important. However, I have to give Bethenny Frankel props for not hesitating to shut down rumors that her PETA shots were overly-Photoshopped by releasing this “before” photo to Us Weekly. The pregnant Real Housewife of New York/Skinnygirl Cocktails Queen has a better body than I do, that’s for damn sure, and she’s 39 years old. Hmmm. That’s making me rethink my decision to drunkenly eat two pieces of sausage pizza at midnight last night.

“Everything I’m about is being honest and being upfront. So if people are talking and saying [the photo] was airbrushed…then, you know what? Here’s the picture. Have it your way,” Frankel told US. Damn!

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  • i think you were right the second time. she is very vain about her body and it is supposedly the result of her diet book, Naturally Thin, and lifelong eating habits it is supposed to contain, so I suppose she should be. But I love her anyway.

  • You would think after all the comments about how you should proof read you might actually do it. Increddibly? Cheese and rice Molls, get a grip! It’s your job and all…

  • Not much muscle tone there. Skinny fat is generally not a good look for women when they get older. Actually a few extra pounds makes you look five years younger.

  • I love me some Beth-Ef.. she rocked on the show, she rock in real life and she’s got a better body than all those hating cows that love to talk shit. Even pre photoshop, she looks good. She looks a little like Kelly Kapowski after the editing though

  • you re-thought the pizza because you didn’t want to get fat or because you thought about the purpose of the ad and decided that eating a cow is gross??