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Kim Kardashian’s BFF Is Pissed at Jon Hamm

A photo of Jonathan Cheban and Kim Kardashian

Some of you guys probably know who Jonathan Cheban is. He’s on the Kardashian shows quite a bit, and he had his very own show called The Spin Crowd. Most importantly, he happens to be the very best friend of dear Kim Kardashian, and that’s all you need to know right now.

Well, no, you also need to know about all that hullabaloo with Jon Hamm. We’ve covered it quite a bit, but in case you need an update, Jon Hamm pretty much called Kim Kardashian a f*cking idiot, then Kim said that Jon’s words were careless, and then Jon said that no, his words were accurate, and then Kim said that “we’re all working hard and we all have to respect one another.” Got it?

And now here’s where BFF Jonathan jumps in to talk some trash on Kim’s behalf:

Guess Jonathan Cheban isn’t a Don Draper fan.

The reality star and Kim Kardashian’s best friend went off on Jon Hamm — who famously criticized Kardashian, 31, in a recent interview — during a chat with Us Weekly on Tuesday night.

“I think Jon Hamm needs to just shut up and stop being such a mad man!” the Spin Crowd star sniped at Ocean Drive magazine’s bash for cover star Nicole Richie at Vesper in Miami Beach, Florida. “He needs to mind his own business, because Kim works hard. They do different things –it’s a whole different world.”

Kardashian’s bestie Cheban argued that she is more famous than Hamm — and will be so for a long time.

“Put Jon Hamm in a mall, and more people will go up to the people working at the Burger King than they will to him,” he told Us. “Bring Kim to a mall and there will be a riot. They’re in two different businesses. Kim’s pop culture and what people like.”

Cheban’s not sure about Hamm’s staying power. “It’s a lot of work, and she’s here to stay. Let’s see where he is after Mad Men.”

Whoa. Whoa. I know that Jon Hamm is a new love of ours, but that doesn’t mean that I think this is any less crazy. “Let’s see where he is after Mad Men,” honestly? He’ll probably be working steadily in film and television like he was for the seven years before Mad Men existed. Maybe this is just a hunch, but I have a feeling he’s going to be just fine after Mad Men.

Is this weird bitchy sense of superiority that surrounds the Kardashians contagious? Because boyfriend here seems to have caught it. This is a clear case of “sit down and shut your stupid mouth,” Jonathan Cheban, and I sincerely hope that you have learned from it.

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  • As if that googley eyed fool knows who has what as far as staying power.

    Yeah, Kim is a mall attraction, which ISN’T a plus.

  • That’s rich. A loser reality star (whoever the hell Jonathan Cheban is – could be related to wonky-eyed Paris Hilton) running his mouth to defend a wanna-be porn star who copycatted Paris Hilton (Kim K) attending a function thrown on behalf of another washed-up reality star (Nicole Richie).

    The recession wasn’t bad enough, in my opinion, if there is still money being thrown at these morons.

  • So he’s saying that because Kim is more popular from a pop culture perspective, she’s somehow better? So he’s naturally equating popularity with superiority….because no one who works hard, has integrity, and doesn’t let people piss on them while being recorded is worth their salt. No no no….you’ve got to have a big ass and a sex tape to be considered “worthy”.


  • The Spin Crowd huh? sounds like a show who’s series premier was also its series finale. I sure hope its not too long before Kim K’s “career” goes the way of Paris Hilton’s. Absolutely zero talent can only take you so far after hitting it big with sex tape stardom….

  • Never heard of Kim’s friend until now. Boy he is ugly, never heard of the “spion crowd” either. Pop culture kind of sucks!Also, I doubt that Jon Hamm needs to feel the love at a mall I agree with Jon Hamm KK is a F*^%($g idiot!