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Taylor Momsen Has Such A Bright Future!

A photo of Taylor Momsen

You can tell by just looking at her! With those bright, lively eyes, that winning smile, and that charming personality that just can’t help but warm your heart, it’s so obvious that at the tender age of 18, Taylor Momsen has the world at her feet.

But what does she plan to do with that world? According to Taylor herself, it sure as hell won’t be acting. Here’s what she had to say when asked if she was planning on returning to movies or television:

“F*ck no! Never! I am done, done, done… It’s good to finally be able to focus on music and not have to work on 10 jobs at once.”

Oh, Taylor, say it isn’t so! Don’t take that gift away from the world. We’ll miss you too much, Shake ‘N Bake!

But hey, if Taylor is giving up acting to focus solely on music, then that must mean that she’ll have a lot more time and energy to dedicate to her beautiful gift of song, right? Which means that we should be seeing her stepping her game up quite a bit. Which she already did, because right now, she’s preparing for a pretty big tour with her band, The Pretty Reckless.

You guys, she’s opening for Marilyn Manson. Taylor Momsen is going on tour with Marilyn Manson, how perfect is that? Surely she’ll learn some scary goth rocker tips, as if she needed any more of those. Oh my gosh … what if they start dating? Could you even imagine? Because I kind of can’t.

And now, finally, I would like to share with you Taylor’s latest music video. The song is called “My Medicine,” and basically it’s all about how Taylor mixed up her pills and is having a bad trip. That’s what this song is about. You can see her having that bad trip in the video, which, by the way, is probably NSFW. That is, unless your work is cool with hazy censored breasts and some chick showing her ass while she’s riding on some dude.

Sigh. She’s so hardcore.

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  • LOL She WILL date him, there is no question, I’m certain that’s just a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if’

    • Oh yeah, she looks totally hardcore posing at an Abbey Dawn/Just Fabulous event. That’s so metal!

  • I saw The Pretty Reckless live about two weeks ago and they are awesome. Taylor has a great stage presence and an awesome rock voice. I am a big fan of her music, I think she will be just fine.

  • Ha! That’s pornstar Jenna Haze making an appearance in her video, that is pretty hardcore, well: Jenna most certainly is!