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Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen Goes Full Frontal in Her New Music Video

A photo of Taylor Momsen

And it’s hilarious. Not the nudity specifically, just the whole entire thing. It’s a spoken word video she did with her band, and it’s … when I first watched it, my boyfriend just stopped what he was doing and said “what on earth is that emo bullshit?” It’s Taylor Momsen, recognize!

But ok, I should tell you now that it’s not exactly the nudity you may have in mind. It’s a shot of her entire body, and it is naked, but it’s kind of blurred. You can see everything, but it won’t make you feel like a gynecologist or anything. And I shouldn’t have to mention that it’s NSFW, but I’m going to anyway: this is NSFW. You can see boobies and a vagina silhouette. This is very serious.

Ok, let’s just get right to it.

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Marilyn Manson is BFFs With Everyone These Days—Today It’s Taylor Momsen

The other day Emily told you guys about the unlikely pairing of Marilyn Manson and Lana Del Rey. And then, a few days after that, she told you about Marilyn Manson being all buddy-buddy with Johnny Depp. Now? We have Marilyn Manson and the female-wannabe-Marilyn Manson, Taylor Momsen. I mean, she’s chalk-white and all knees and elbows like Manson, she’s got some serious eyeliner addiction—like Marilyn Manson!—and hell, her last name is even similar to Manson (Momsen, Manson, what-the-f-ck-ever). So I guess it’d make sense that these two would eventually cross paths in the music world, and here it is. They did. How ’bout it.

The above video is over eighteen minutes long, and while I freely admit that I watched the entire thing with no shame, I’ll also candidly tell you that I cringed throughout most of it, because while Marilyn Manson is pretty badass, he still kind of scares the goth-fearing sixth-grader in me. No, really: one of my very best friends turned all “goth” on me in sixth grade, and I’m going to be dead honest with you—I had no idea how to deal. No f-cking clue. She became all dark and black nail-polished and silver-spiky and all ‘Cake and Sodomy’, and it was a shock for me, alright? It was a shock. I dealt, and things were alright, but I’m not going to pretend that I was taken aback by all of it, all from the petite dress-wearing girl with the formerly honey-blonde hair, clear mascara, and Claire Danes smile.

Anyway. To make a long story short, Taylor appears around the 1:54 mark, OK?

Taylor took the stage at these, the 2012 Revolver Golden Gods Awards—the very same show where Johnny performed with good ol’ Mair later on in the set, and the audience went … well, ‘nuts’ wouldn’t exactly convey what I’m trying to say when ‘apathetic’ is more along the lines of what I mean … but they seemed to enjoy her well enough. Probably because at least half of them thought that a live goat would be disemboweled onstage while Taylor drew pentagrams and upside-down crosses on Marilyn’s bare ass with its blood. I mean, I know that’s what I see when I envision these two together, you know?

All I know is that it’s way better than picturing Manson and Barry Manilow performing side by side. Do you know how uncomfortable that crowd would be? Damn.

Taylor Momsen Has Such A Bright Future!

A photo of Taylor Momsen

You can tell by just looking at her! With those bright, lively eyes, that winning smile, and that charming personality that just can’t help but warm your heart, it’s so obvious that at the tender age of 18, Taylor Momsen has the world at her feet.

But what does she plan to do with that world? According to Taylor herself, it sure as hell won’t be acting. Here’s what she had to say when asked if she was planning on returning to movies or television:

“F*ck no! Never! I am done, done, done… It’s good to finally be able to focus on music and not have to work on 10 jobs at once.”

Oh, Taylor, say it isn’t so! Don’t take that gift away from the world. We’ll miss you too much, Shake ‘N Bake!

But hey, if Taylor is giving up acting to focus solely on music, then that must mean that she’ll have a lot more time and energy to dedicate to her beautiful gift of song, right? Which means that we should be seeing her stepping her game up quite a bit. Which she already did, because right now, she’s preparing for a pretty big tour with her band, The Pretty Reckless.

You guys, she’s opening for Marilyn Manson. Taylor Momsen is going on tour with Marilyn Manson, how perfect is that? Surely she’ll learn some scary goth rocker tips, as if she needed any more of those. Oh my gosh … what if they start dating? Could you even imagine? Because I kind of can’t.

And now, finally, I would like to share with you Taylor’s latest music video. The song is called “My Medicine,” and basically it’s all about how Taylor mixed up her pills and is having a bad trip. That’s what this song is about. You can see her having that bad trip in the video, which, by the way, is probably NSFW. That is, unless your work is cool with hazy censored breasts and some chick showing her ass while she’s riding on some dude.

Sigh. She’s so hardcore.