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Sigh. Is This Girl Eighteen Yet?

photo of taylor momsen boobs pictures x nipples pics

Because she’s just ITCHING to be. You can tell. When Taylor Momsen turns eighteen, you just know that the nipples are going to fly. We’re going to see tit, labia, bleached asshole (or maybe asshole with tons and tons of black eyeliner around it – yeah, that’s probably more like it), and bestiality all over the fucking place.

Emily shared similar photos yesterday, but there are even MORE super ones (AKA ones where she looks like Marilyn Manson from the neck down, with the exception of the electrical tape on the nipples) in the gallery.

Taylor Momsen, you’re … I don’t even know. ‘Unoriginal‘ doesn’t come close to what I mean, and ‘ostentatious’ sounds too positive. I’m sick and damned tired of seeing your nxxples and ugh, I don’t know. I guess I’m just over it all. Nothing you do shocks me anymore, it’s official.

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  • Oh my goodness, can Eyeliner Asshole please be a new nickname for Taylor Momsen? I love it!

  • Ya know, sometime we don’t agree on things, and other times y’all even delete my comments, although I have never felt that was warranted. But this article was fantastically written. Very entertaining, and well done! I laughed my.. o.. lm.. whatever..

  • You know what I’m tired of? Reading the same story about how much Taylor Momsen bothers you all over and over again. Honestly I get that you think she’s just this obnoxious rebellious teen and maybe she is, I’ve never met her. But from her music and interviews I’ve read, I actually kind of like her. I mean, she’s nowhere near as unoriginal or pretentious as Lady GaGa.

  • i like taylor, she does her own thing. it´s always damned if you do,damened if you dont…she´s not a cuttycutter dysney star and i like that about her.

  • You know she’s never claimed to be original, so it bothers me alot that you keep posting how unoriginal she is. Isn’t everyone? Fuck.

  • Less talk about obvious publicity stunts and more about how much that girl needs a sandwich. No, seriously, two sandwiches. Anorexic much?

  • i think ur all sad, you have nothin goin on in ur life so u decide to make immiture comments on a daft website, if u dont like someone dont by their album…. simple

  • Her antics just detract from her music… Is it about her music, or her boobs/ outfits… she better decide…

  • Taylor is just doing her thing! in fact it needs some damn guts to step out into the world with that attitude and style. she’s open about sex, people are jealous or shocked because they aren’t. C’mon we all have sex, so why not talk about it like an everyday topic? she’s not like the typical good-girl popstar everyone wants. It was about time that someone brought back some good all rock times and nasty outfits. Taylor knows how to make a show and have fun. She’s a nasty cat, so what? She’s showing and letting out the little devil we all have in us ;) go taylor ;)<3