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So Why Haven’t We Seen Inappropriate Photos of Taylor Momsen’s Privates Yet?

photo of taylor momsen hot eighteen years old nipslip pictures performing with evanescence pic
Girlfriend there turned eighteen, what, months ago? And this is what we’re ending up with? Is this what happens when Mommy stops dressing her little girl? I mean, this is probably the most dressed I’ve seen this girl since How the Grinch Stole Christmas. What’s happening here? Where’s the knitting needles?

Here’s the short answer: she’s eighteen now, guys. She doesn’t need to rely on gimmicks like flashing her x’ed-off nipples and making out with unattractive girls. She’s letting her music speak for itself these days, and now she’s opening for EVANESCENCE. Woo on THAT business.

With regard to the whole privates-viewing thing: it’s actually something I’m completely not interested in seeing. I mean, you’ve seen this girl, right? She has the body of a shorter Marilyn Manson, does she not? Totally not my thing, sorry.