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Photo: Miley and the artist pose with Miley's tattooed bicep

Man! Miley sure wants to express herself!*

Days after she debuted a sassy cropped ‘do, the pop tart visited an LA tattoo studio, where she got her newest ink!*

A few pals, including beau Liam Hemsworth, accompanied the incognito 19-year old to Studio City Tattoo. Miley herself was unrecognizable in a Van Halen T-shirt, knitted scarf, and trenchcoat/enormous men’s workshirt.*

The Hannah Montana star got the words “Love never dies” inscribed on the inside of her arm, TMZ reports.*

As best as I can figure, this is Miley’s sixth tattoo, including those tiny prison tattoos on her fingers.

Now, the mom inside me (ha, ha, who am I kidding) is screaming, “Miley! You will regret all those tattoos when you’re older! Especially that dreamcatcher one!”

But in actuality, I wish I had gotten a stupid phrase on my bicep before—you know—before all this arm-flab happened. More power to you, kiddo.

*Sorry. Sometimes when I am a little bit bored I like to pretend I am writing for Us Weekly.

(Images via Celebuzz and TMZ.)

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