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Miley Cyrus is Apparently Trying to Channel her Inner Native American

photo of miley cyrus new tattoo twitter pictures hot sideboob photos

Here you see little Miley on her Twitter page, rocking the sideboob, exposing her newest ink – which I’m thinking is supposed to be a dreamcatcher or something – and wearing long braids in her hair like as if she’s trying to be some kind of modern-day fucking Pocahontas.

You know, it’s apparently not enough that the early settlers kicked most of the nation’s Native Americans off of their ground and killed the rest, but now we’re adding insult to injury by allowing Large Gums Small Teeth to parade around like some cheap version of Running Bear’s wife.

Honestly, kids these days. They have absolutely no respect for history.

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  • i like it, it’s sweet. you dont have to be native american to get a goddamn dream catcher tattoo, or braid your hair. this post was quite a stretch.

  • So basically now the girl can’t honour the native culture of her country because she doesn’t belong to that specific ethnic group?

  • “honor” – bullsh*t. Do d-bags with tribal armbands honor the Maoris or other tribes whose symbolism they’re appropriating? (Rhetorical question; answer’s no.)

  • his is bullsh*t y does she keep getting f*uckin tattos she’s going to get lung cancer 4 smoking, she is also gunna skin cancer 4 getting tattoos SHE’S AN A*S HOLE!!! WHEN PPL SOKEOR GET TATTOOS THEY R PRETTY MUCH SAYING HAT THEY WANT 2 DIE OR DIE BEC. THAT STUFF ESP. SMOMING KILLS U SLOWLY!!!!!!!! :/

  • i think the tattoo is cute. let her get whatever tattoos she wants. its her body.
    And to the person who said she is going to get skin cancer for the tattoos, your wrong, skin cancer is genetic and from sun exposure. the illness your looking for is ink poisoning. but yet that is rare.
    Seriously people, stop being hypocritical!

  • just because she has a dream catcher tattoo doesn’t mean she is insulting the native american culture. thaats like saying because i shave my head so im mocking people with cancer…. and i dont know how the fuck someone got onto the subject of her smoking buut who really gives a fuck if she smokes IT’S NOT KILLING YOU SLOWLY SO GET THE FUCK OVER IT MAN!

      • Plus “Just Breathe” under her left boob and “Breathe” on her left wrist… So this is her fourth already..
        And she’s only eighteen, imagine what she’ll look like in a few years :S

  • What a jealous bitch you are. First, she can get any tattoo she wants, it doesn’t mean she’s mocking anything, second, how do you know she’s not Native American? I’m part Cherokee but you can’t tell so STFU.

  • ok people i can tell if its fake and it is miley is not the kind of girl who would acualy get a tattoo thats stupid one of my friends does henna art and its easy for me to reconize that stuff so stop bieng mean to her it just makes things worse

  • Haley, your comment is absurd. Her dream catcher tattoo IS real and has 4 feathers that represent her siblings. She also has a heart and a small cross on her fingers, the word ‘love” on her ear and the phrase “just breathe” on her rib cage in honor of a close friend who died of cystic fibrosis.

  • who gives a sh*t if she has a tattoo? she’s successful gorgeous and talented – jealous much? I have a tattoo of a dream catcher on my back, so shut the fuck up :L