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Karl Lagerfeld Needs to Shut His Stupid Mouth

A photo of Karl Lagerfeld

Here’s a little bit of background information, just in case you’re not too knowledgeable on that lovely man pictured above. That is Karl Lagerfeld. He’s the head designer and creative director of Chanel. He’s also a major douchebag. Ok, I think we’re all caught up now, so I’m going to go ahead and show you guys some excerpts from an interview Karl gave in which, as the headline suggests, he would be better off just shutting his stupid mouth.

On Queen Elizabeth: I think [Queen Elizabeth] looks very good in her recent photos even better than a few years ago –beautiful, a bit like Queen Mary. She looks a little bit like her grandmother – a more smiley version. In terms of what she wears, she’s come into herself a little bit more – whatever that is.

On Russians: If I was a woman in Russia I would be a lesbian, as the men are very ugly. There are a few handsome ones, like Naomi Campbell’s boyfriend, but there you see the most beautiful women and the most horrible men.

On M.I.A. or perhaps Kristen Stewart: Nowadays people give the middle finger quite quickly – it’s not the best behavior. Everybody does that, what’s new about that? It’s just become a bad habit. People in magazines are 50% bimbo and 50% pregnant women.

On the Obamas: I’m a big fan of Mrs. Obama – and her face, I think, is magical. He would not be there without her. There was an article by some stupid woman, I forgot who, and she said she [Mrs. Obama] was poorly dressed. Mrs. Obama is not a fashion statement, she has other things to do. …My favorite line of Mrs. Obama is when a journalist asked her if she thought her skirts were not too tight and she answered, “Why you don’t like my big black ass?” This is a line I admire. She got me with that. So I want Mr. Obama who I think is very okay— because there is nothing better anyway — [to be re-elected], especially because of her.”

On Lana Del Rey and Adele: I prefer Adele and Florence Welch. But as a modern singer she is not bad.The thing at the moment is Adele. She is a little too fat, but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice. Lana del Rey is not bad at all. She looks very much like a modern-time singer. In her photos she is beautiful. Is she a construct with all her implants? She’s not alone with implants.

Real quick, let me just break your hearts by saying that no, Michelle Obama never made any such comment about her “big black ass.” But that’s just another reason why Karl Lagerfeld is a big ol’ bitch.  Like that Adele comment? Oh girl. Not today.

Just so that we don’t end the day on a somewhat sour note, I’ll just go ahead and share with you a little something that’s been making the rounds lately. I know you’ll love it!

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  • Sooo, “Karl Lagerfeld needs to shut his stupid mouth” because he called Adele fat? She is, and she knows it. Would it make you more comfortable to call her “pleasantly plump”? Someone calling it like it is, is a breath of fresh air from these “I’m trying so hard to be politically correct that I’m going to go to rehab for saying “fag” even though I was in France and asking for a cigarette”…

  • so what about this interview makes him a douchebag? the adele thing? i’m chubby and i don’t mind people saying so. it’s the truth and everybody can see it. he said she had a beautiful face and a divine voice, so he basically made her a semi-saint (in his world)

  • what are these endless hellish ads? especially those horrendous schick ads that fill the screen and one can’t remove them? what the hell?

    • I was just going to write something about that too!! The Kate ad stays when you try to click it off! I have to close this website and re-open it! It’s f-ing annoying!!

  • I dont really see what about this makes him a douchebag. Seems like your forcing pre-determined prejudice into this article.

  • Listen, Adele is fat. And there is nothing wrong with being fat. The problem here is not that he said Adele is fat (which she is), but that Lagerfeld said that being fat is *bad*. Now that is the problem. The fact that once again we have fat-shaming in the media, that once again we have this “skinny woman” ideal pushed down our throats. That once again a professional female singer has her career diminished to her looks, which don’t fit what someone deems acceptable. That once again someone think it’s okay to comment on a woman’s looks. Now *that* is the problem, the comment on her weight and the subsequent judgment, as if that in any way determined whether she is a good or a bad human being.