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Karl Lagerfeld: Officially An Idiot


Chanel headKarl Lagerfeld doesn’t know when to stop scaring people talking

Lagerfeld has implied in the past that Klum is too fat to be a model and now has admitted that he actually doesn’t even know her.  “I don’t know her. Claudia Schiffer doesn’t know her.  She was never in Paris, we don’t know her.”   Gee…what do you think Karl is trying to say?  Do you think he means he doesn’t knowher?  By the way, what his redundancy translates to is:  “Heidi Klum is too fat for me to acknowledge as a professional or as a human being.”

Anyway, if that wasn’t enough, Klum’s husband Seal wasn’t safe from Lagerfeld’s musings either.  About the singer , who suffers from a condition called discoid lupus erythematosus which causes facial scarring, Lagerfeld said, ” I am no dermatologist but I wouldn’t want his skin.  Mine looks better than his. He is covered in craters.”

Incidentally, Claudia Schiffer may not know Heidi Klum, but she knows where she shops.

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  • He needs some “no men” in his life. As in, “No you should not wear those gloves,” and “No, your hair does not look good.”

  • Good old fashion jealousy.

    Heidi has been able to parlay her modeling gig with Victoria Secret into a huge career. Who cares if she didn’t have a huge career in Paris run way shows. Obviously it has not held her back.

    She worked hard… endorsed the right products and has a successful TV show… and has probably made more money than Lagerfeld and Schiffer combined.

    • And is this a picture of Karl giving his “prune” face?

      Everytime I see a pursed mouth I think of the whole say “prune” gimmick that is credited to the Olsen twins.

      Yet, I think the worse offended of the whole “say prune!” face goes to Jennifer Lopez. hahaha!

  • Does anyone else remember when Karl himself was the official lard-arse of high fashion?

    When he went on his mammoth diet [and lets face it, he is probably old enough to recall what mammoth tastes like] he appeared to lose most of his brain cells as part of the weight loss plan.

  • He is HILARIOUS!!! He is the Anna Wintour of the design world. Here’s the thing; no matter how much of a dick he may be, he is still THE most respected fashion designer. period. Am I saying he is a nice guy? No. He’s rude uppity bitch, and clearly doesn’t hide it. I pretty much laugh at his quotes because they’re so ridic. Anyway, no matter how much we hate him, nobody is about to boycott Chanel for his bitchy remarks. That will never happen.

    • I’m not boycotting Chanel. Chanel is boycotting me and any intelligent woman in this world by having an orange dummy as its “fashion guru”. This man dictates what’s on fashion. THIS man. Well, he and the other two fake tan ads, Valentino and the ugly horse also known as Donatella (haha Ninja Turtles) Versace.

    • I beg to differ. After reading this article and many others before, I decided I will never purchase any Chanel product ever again, and haven’t. He’s a fucking tool. Fuck Chanel, overrated. Everyone wears that bullshit crap. There’s also so many fakes out there too. It doesn’t tickle my fancy anymore. Never really did actually.

    • I know, it’s like when my gran says something offensive, everyone just ignores it because it is such a typical old person thing to do.

  • Karl lagerfeld is nothing more than a characature of an insular clique of self-important, arbiters of so-called fashion that exists only within an approximately, ten square block area of Manhattan, or, on the catwalks of Paris or Milan. Anywhere outside of his protective, little cocoon of influence over the rich and insecure, he looks like a complete ass.

  • Look, I love Chanel. Chanel is great. But just because I love Karl Lagerfeld’s designs, doesn’t mean I have to love him. From most things i’ve read, he doesn’t seem to nice. He seems sort of condescending.

  • I didnt read the comments above so I hope im not just repeating someone but what a fucking douche bag. Theyre one of the sweetest couples out there. why pick on them?!

  • just because karl is a genius doesn’t mean he has to be nice. it’s the fashion world, people are dicks if your hair isn’t perfect, and no one is asking you to take part in it. get over yourselves please.

  • Lagerfeld karl is simply a rough character, without education and without intelligence, just man capable of spitting some poison as a nasty beast at a bright couple shining with happiness and with grace, – what will probably never happen to him (her)

  • If you all think he’s a pig why do you even bother other people with your own talking?! And if you are so nice if you talk about him like this? You didn’t made it to a Chanel designer! Another thing: people out of the fashion industry aren’t stupid, fashion is a lifestyle and the most of you don’t seem to see that. I also don’t see why you wouldn’t buy anything from Chanel anymore only because of you think he is rude. Because of Chanel we can wear short skirts and dresses dresses, trousers, be sun tanned, of course the little black dress and her perfum n.5!!!

    Now I also want to say something bad about Karl: Heidi Klum isn’t fat, I wouldn’t be suprised if Claudia has the same weight and if you both don’t know her, please take a fashionupdate!

    But I still thinks he’s cool but just a little (all right maybe a little bit more then a little) unsocial.

  • he’s a fucking fashion designer not saving the world. People in the fucking fashion industry need to get off their high horse and calm the fuck down.