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Is Susan Boyle Really Worth $13,666.66 a Minute?


Now that Susan Boyle is all rested up, she began her Britain’s Got Talent UK tour.  Oddly enough, after one performance, she had to take off last night to rest.  This could be part of her recovery plan from the exhaustion and breakdown she suffered a couple of weeks ago. 

It really begs the question:  When is it enough money?  Boyle gets paid $164,000 to perform a twelve-minute set.  She also has a recording deal for a Christmas CD that is worth about $13M. 

Susan, can you hear me?  Do the CD, do ten 12-minute sets — that’s two hours out of your life — and get the hell out of the spotlight, buy a house in the country and enjoy your millions of pounds.  And your good mental health.

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  • wow, for once, I agree. that’s exactly what she should do. here’s hoping she’s still got good sense to stay out of the spotlight before too long.

  • good point
    she doesn’t seem to have a mental structure to deal with showbiz, and its misshaps

  • If she can get it, good for her!
    Prior to BGT, she was unemployed.

    Is Britney truly worth what she gets paid?
    Do professional athletes deserve $5 million a year?
    Did the cast members of “Friends” really need $1 million an episode?
    No, no, and no, but they do.

    Maybe with the money, she can get someone to manage her, and keep her on track. I think she’s very talented.

    • I agree. She has a nice voice, but it’s not anything to go crazy about. The only thing that she had going for her was the element of “surprise” (which is totally wrong to begin with) that the judges on the show didn’t expect her to perform so well because of her looks. After that was over with, she wasn’t all that impressive. Still pretty darn good, but nothing I would pay money for.

  • from rags to riches. this is amazing. her cd was great. can’t wait to hear another new cd with her strong vocals.