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Did You Guys Watch Kourtney and Kim Take New York Last Night?

A photo of Kim Kardashian

Because it was so good. Kim spent the entire episode going back and forth between bawling her eyes out and being a total bitch. It was a wild and crazy adventure, and if you love to trash talk the Kardashians, then it was something you must see.

If you didn’t see it though, it’s not a big deal. Not only did I watch it, but I watched and took notes so I could go over some of the highlights from the episode with you guys. Are you ready for this?

If you haven’t been watching, last night’s episode was the second part of the season finale. In the first part, which aired last Sunday, Kim met with psychic John Edward to try and get in touch with her deceased father. Both Kris (her husband, not her mom) and Kourtney were against this for religious reasons, but Kourtney ended up sitting in on the meeting. John Edward made both Kardashians cry by bringing up memories of their dad, but then he asked Kim if she was divorced. When Kim said that she had gotten a divorce, but that she was currently married again, John kept asking her, for her father, “did you learn from what this is?” And then Kim had a little break down. And now that we’re caught up, let’s jump into a recap of last night, shall we?

Kim tells Kourtney that she was crying so hard after the meeting with the psychic because “when he was talking about like, like the divorce stuff,” it made her realize that she’s not happy in her marriage. She says “I honestly feel like I can’t do this anymore with Kris.” Kourtney suggests that maybe she should give it time, maybe they should go home and actually live together like a married couple and not with another couple in a suite in a hotel. Kim insists that she can’t do it anymore.

Then Kim and Kris have a talk and discuss their issues. They agree that they need to spend more time together than they had been, and that during their last few days in New York, they should hang out and have fun. At one point, Kim says to Kris “I don’t know, sometimes I just feel so like dead inside.” Great sign, right?

Kim and Kris do spend more time together though! They go to the gym together, but then Kris makes fun of Kim’s work out face and she gets mad. Then they go to dinner together, and it’s super awkward. But hey, it’s something!

Here’s the sad part: while it’s obvious that Kim has thrown in the towel ages ago, Kris is all about making it work. He tells Kourtney that he has some land in Minnesota, and he wants to use it to build his and Kim’s dream house. He speaks optimistically, like he’s sure that even though they’re having issues, of course they’ll work things out. Even when he tells his friend that he might have to get a divorce, it’s obvious he’s joking, despite the dramatic music added in the editing. He might be kind of a douche sometimes, but he’s not a bad guy. It’s just that he married a total bitch.

Speaking of bitches, Kim turns into a major one when she and Kris talk about the future. Kris tells her that he’ll just send all of his things to Kim’s house in L.A., and Kim flips out. She says she keeps having panic attacks thinking about it. She suggests that Kris send his things to his house in Minnesota and bring a bag to stay over at her house for a bit. Kourtney overhears this from the other room and tells Kim that she’s being such a bitch. Kim is super, super hurt by this. She feels like Kourtney doesn’t have her back, and during a voiceover, she explains her talk with Kris by saying “There’s something that I don’t feel comfortable with him moving all of his things to, you know, my house in L.A.”

After the conversation, Kim goes into the makeup room to cry. She calls Khloe, but then Kourtney comes into the room to talk. Kim is hysterical. She’s upset about her feelings about Kris, and she’s hurt that Kourtney called her a bitch. Here’s how she explains it:

“You think I feel good that I like met this guy from Minnesota and I feel awful that like I made him move out here and like change his whole life and I feel bad for him, I feel sad, I feel bad for the guy, I changed his whole life and he fell in love with me and I fell in love with him and now all my feelings have changed.  You don’t think I feel bad that I invited all these people to this huge wedding and flew everyone out, I wasted everyone’s time, you know, I wasted everyone’s money, I wasted everyone’s everything, and I feel bad, you think I don’t feel bad? At 30 years old I thought I’d be married with kids and I’m not.  I failed at this and you don’t think I feel bad?”

Kourtney starts crying too, but she tells Kim to tell Kris all that and to stop bullshitting about the problems. Kim does apologize to Kris, but then, during another voiceover, she says that “there comes a time when you kind of just have to handle your issues privately.” She says that she needs to talk to Kris without the cameras and “without all this drama.” She and Kris catch a plane, and the episode ends.

There’s a ton of talk that the episodes were edited to make Kris look like the bad guy, but really, they did a pretty terrible job of that. There are some things that Kris maybe shouldn’t have done, but a lot of this is on Kim, and despite how much she cried for the past few episodes, she really doesn’t come out looking too sympathetic.

What did you guys think?

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  • All cattiness and bitchiness aside (because, lets be honest…this woman deserves it), that is an amazing coat.

  • Good to hear others calling her a bitch. I have felt sorry for Kris for walking into that firestorm of phoniness and superficiality. Listening to Kim using the word “like” at least once in every sentence must have been maddening.

  • Kris Humphries lawyers don’t even need to take a disposition.. WIN! This show can even go on the dumbest con artist, scammers, and stoopid criminals site