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Did Cocaine Break Up Katy Perry and Russell Brand?

A photo of Katy Perry

I’m going to be real right quick: I kind of hate Katy Perry, so whenever I hear anything about her divorce from Russell Brand, I automatically go into the mindset of “ugh, Katy Perry, what a bitch.” I can’t help it. In my eyes, Russell is a darling angel and Katy Perry is the devil. Do you hear me? She is the devil. So when you read this report about how Katy and Russell broke up because of Katy’s involvement with cocaine, I want you to make your own decisions, because I can’t be impartial here.

From Star via Celebitchy:

Russell Brand may be the recovering addict, but it’s Katy Perry’s exposure to hard drugs and all-night partying that doomed their marriage. Amid reports of cheating, fighting and a fading romance, Star has discovered the shocking reason that [the couple] split a little more than a year after their wedding in India.

Russell, a recovering drug addict, “hit the roof,” says a source, when he found out exactly what was going on in Hawaii. “Katy runs with a really wild crowd,” an insider tells Star. Some of her acquaintances love to do cocaine. “They will party all night till the sun comes up, doing line after line of coke.”

According to pals, Russell felt he had no choice but to instruct his lawyers to put a swift end to the marriage. “How is Russell supposed to feel when he hears that his wife is out till all hours of the night,” says the insider. “He can only assume the worst.” And even though the singer wasn’t doing drugs herself, the source feels it showed really bad judgment. “Ruseell was a truly horrible addict. It’s a day-by-day struggle for him to stay sober and walk the right path now,” says the insider. “He’s really turned his life around, and he couldn’t let it be destroyed.”

Katy appears to have had a long and complicated history with drugs. Although her parents [are] strict evangelical Christians, she revealed in 2009 that even they weren’t always on the straight and narrow. In fact her mom was, in Katy’s words, a “wild child rock ‘n’ roller, pot-smoking debutante,” and her dad was an “acid dealer with long hair.”

There’s no doubt that Katy was exposed to it all, even then. Her Gym Class Heroes singer ex, Travie McCoy, acknowledged his own addiciton and blogged about being in rehab. And a source claims he was a really bad influence on her. “Katy was really struggling when she was with him.” But “she promised her dad she would stay clean.”

According to another insider, Russell saw changes in his wife over the past year. “She went from this sweet, adorable woman that he was madly in love with” to a needy person who surrounded herself with hangers-on who were using her, says an insider. And her behavior was getting increasingly erratic. “She’d throw back tequila shots, chain smoke… and have mood swings. He gave her an ultimatum: ‘Get rid of your hard-partying friends or lose me forever!’” It looks as if Katy made her choice.

This is exactly what I said, remember? Way back when I told you guys all about how Katy and Russell didn’t spend Christmas together, I said that Katy was being immature, selfish, and ridiculous with all the crazy partying while her husband is actively working on maintaining sobriety. And that’s why I have absolutely no trouble believing this story. From Star.

What do you guys think? If Katy was partying with cokeheads all the time, would that be a reasonable dealbreaker?

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  • i don’t know-you could use the excuse that she’s young,and so she’s going to be “wild” but i’m even younger and it seems a really shit thing to do to go out and take shots and be drunk and crazy in front of(talking about the VMAs here) or behind the back of your husband who is working to maintain his sobriety…it all seems completely inconsiderate but may be true! perhaps she was just too young to get married and has some growing up to do-she should have perhaps waited until she was mature enough to handle having a husband who is an addict

  • Ok, I just can’t take the whacky hair colors anymore. For some reason, I’m looking at her stupid blue hair, and it’s causing me to become upset. What’s the deal?! I did that crap with kool-aid when I was in the sixth grade! You’re a grown-ass WOMAN and you look like a Hot Topic reject. The cut sucks, the color sucks and Katy Perry is walking around like some Hello-Kitty punk cult member. I don’t even know what that means! I just know that blue hair is going to make my head explode.

  • Russell IS a darling angel. He’s got many character flaws, but I can’t hate any of them because he makes up for it with how adorable he is. Just watch him in this interview: The way he laughs at Charlie Brooker’s description of him … gah, adorable. For all his “bad boy” reputation, he has this childlike quality about him and he’s just so honest and open. Plus, he’s genuinely brilliant. His mind works so incredibly fast, it’s amazing.

    Katy Perry? She’s a waste of space.

  • I’m 99% sure that’s the reason they got divorced! Katy only cares about partying and drinking. Russell is no more like that. He wants to settle down and have kids. Katy only cares about her career, friends and money. I hope he finds a new girlfriend soon and have a cute, genious baby with a British accent!

  • They broke up coz of her. Russell changed his lifestyle for her so I am sure he wouldn’t do anything to ruin the relationship. Katy only cares about herself! I hated her at the VMAs when she was bragging that she was drunk in front of Russell! He never respected her husband’s past which shows she never loved him. Poor Russell even dedicated his book to her. From what I saw in earlier interviews, he seemed very much in love with Katy. I think she’s the one losing out here.

  • Russel Brand should have never married a young out of control party girl. She was way too selfish to change for him. It was a mistake from the beginning. She was way too young for him. He is recovering addick, she was just starting her life on the wrong track with people that want Katy for her money not for herself, they want her too party with them when the money is gone they will abandon her. Katy is gonna end up like Amy Whinehouse.

  • I never really expected Katy Perry to be like this. Now I am turned off. I really liked the girl but I guess I never really knew her. Good decision by Russell Brand.

  • Idiots. Katy Perry is the most amazingest person everrr. Russell Brand is a ugly retarded disgusting idiotic druggie who never deserved that amazing of a wife. So don’t you guys go talking shit about her. Those of you who say she didn’t care, you idiots are wrong. In her year long tour, where she was already running herself ragged, she flew out to see Russell every three weeks at the very most? What did he do? Nothing. Just sit at home like the lazy bastard he is. So don’t you guys go hating on Katy. We all know she’s to sexy for you.

  • Ok, folks let’s take a look back at the past, but before we do that, Kk you are obviously too young to understand or too ignorant to acknowledge the idea that Katy is just like any other kid on a short leash. “Give ’em enough rope, and they’ll hang themselves”. This being the case with Katy Perry. Now don’t get me wrong i watched “Part of Me” and IMO it seems Katy’s management was doing everything possible to cover up the fact that Katy obviously has a problem; there were even moments in the movie where i said to myself “she’s ****ed up” But I digress, lets look back a few years when Britney Spears bought the VMA’s in ’09 that’s how it works, you shell out music for your investment, if your backing doesn’t do it then you have to, like Britney Spears did…Where’d it get her? A spot on American Idol that she could of had in the beginning of her fallout. You folks should be so lucky to see Katy Perry wearing her shoes, she’s done for.