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Seal Is Still Talking About His Marriage to (and Separation from) Heidi Klum

A photo of Heidi Klum and Seal

Seal is still still wearing his wedding ring, and what’s more, he’s still discussing his split from his wife of nearly seven years, Heidi Klum.

Most recently, he talked about the breakup with Piers Morgan (who I, personally, would not trust with so much as an Easy-Bake Oven).

USA Today has the story:

“It doesn’t really make sense,” Seal said in an appearance on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight. “The truth of the matter is all I can tell you most sincerely is that it wasn’t any one particular thing.”


Seal couldn’t say enough nice things about Klum, “this most fantastic woman.” He said he hadn’t removed his ring because, “It stands for respect. It stands for loyalty. It stands for incredible memories.”

Will they ever reconcile? “Never say never,” Seal said. “I’m not going to sit here and BS you and tell you we haven’t had problems. Of course we’ve had problems—otherwise why are we splitting up?”

Nevertheless, he said, “My love for her has not waned one iota.”

So here is what we know:

– Numerous things contributed to the couple’s breakup

– Seal is still in love with Heidi

– Seal will keep right on wearing his wedding ring

– As of this afternoon, Heidi is still wearing her wedding ring

– Seal, without saying it directly, holds out hope for reconciliation

This is just a guess, but people are really, really fascinated with the whole Seal/Heidi breakup because, seriously, WTH? (Also, the breakup is beginning to sound like Heidi’s idea.)

Seal attempted to explain the rationale to Access Hollywood:

“There is nothing to reconcile. We haven’t fallen out,” the singer explained. “We’re not getting divorced. We’re not even legally separated. We are separated. The reality of the situation is we have grown apart. And so… is there a chance of us getting back together? Honestly, Billy, I don’t know. I don’t know the answer to that.”

And then there’s this!

Seal, who is still wearing his wedding ring, said his focus is making sure the woman he fell in love with is content.

“My main priority is that [Heidi] is happy. I just want her to be happy,” he continued. “I want our children to be happy, of course. But I want her to be happy. It’s always been like that.”

Adding, “We’re both pretty smart people and both of us understand that the healthy thing to do right now is to not live a lie because of our children. Forget what the outside world thinks…. The priority is my wife and our children. And I put that before anyone else. And so my first agenda is to figure out what is best for that situation. Everything else will take care of itself.”

Certain smuthounds are muttering that this whole romantic dissolution is, in fact, a hoax, intended to boost sales of Seal’s latest album Soul 2.

But I, for one, give the couple the benefit of the doubt. Fingers crossed for them.

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  • No, I don’t think they’re faking it. Here in Germany we give Heidi a lot of shit for being over-exposed and over-present, but that would be taking it too far and I think they’d know better than to try something like that. That can’t be a scam. Just their usual way of always sharing just a little too much with the world.

  • I think every word he utters about this in public is another brick in the wall that will keep him separated from Heidi.

  • Leeching off her till the last second.. He has selfish, shallow commitment and deep emotional issues that Heidi can’t live with and raise healthy happy children.. and he won’t change because he can’t see the point with a nanny and her family there to raise them.. not enough attention and time is spent on him.. he doesn’t share or care.. We don’t understand.. he is the main one running this show, we all work around and adapt to his moods.. and it’s his way or else.

  • The more he goes public about the inner workings of their marriage, the more I can see why she decided to end things. Is it me, or does he come off a little desperate and creepy to be pouring out your heart and putting all of this on display. Reminds me of when John Voight kept trying to communicate to Angelina Jolie through the media.

    He’s on a pity campaign and airing dirty laundry is no way to win a girl back. However, it may work for record sales.