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Courtney Stodden Heads Back to the Recording Studio, Hopefully to Remaster ‘Don’t Put It On Me, Girl’

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You know what’s so great about Courtney Stodden? OK, Another thing, that is? It’s that she’s always up for good, old-fashioned fun and it’s kind of neat to watch her grow up before our very eyes. So that’s two things. I guess I can’t count this morning, but what I can count on is Courtney Stodden continuously making beautiful music for us to love and dance to and laugh at. Isn’t that like Paula Abdul said in the nineties, a ‘promise of a new day’? Isn’t it wonderful that we can count on these things? Relationships can go awry and budding careers can crash and burn into the ground, but one thing’s always certain: Courtney Stodden will forever try to be around to entertain you in one way or the other.

Take these photos, for instance. This is Courtney in the recording studio. The big-girl recording studio. Not, you know, sitting in her bathroom with a chintzy microphone plugged into her laptop, recording YouTube videos featuring a montage of Lucite heels and durable Cro-Magnon armbands. No word is out, yet, about what Courtney’s working on, but I’m hoping it’s a digital remaster (and, woo! Maybe even a remix!) of ‘Don’t Put It On Me, Girl’. Wait, what’s that? You’ve never heard the song before? Oh! OK. Please, allow me to enlighten you:

Duh, best song ever, right?

Yeah, so that’s what she’s doing, in addition to her regular appearance on Twitter, which was alight with sexual fire last night as she serenaded us with sultry, seductive suggestions:

Daringly dipped in nothing but translucent stockings as the heat of the fire stimulates a very sultry fantasy of mine…

Smoothly shooting whipped cream into the erotic air and watching it as it lustfully lands on all the right places of my candy-coated body…

While hardcore hits dominate my every move – I suddenly strip – & jump on top of a sexy sports car as I begin to wash it uncontrollably!

Oh my. Aren’t you so glad you’re alive for 2012 and all that’s to come?

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  • What are those things called where you write in, like, an adjective, and a noun, and a verb, and then you fill in the blanks and it makes a hilarious little story? That is what her tweets are like.

    • Oh my god, that’s hilarious (and not at all untrue!!)… I just snorted tea in my lap reading your comment. I could never put my finger on exactly why her tweets sounded so completely ludicrous.

  • This is my first time to this site and I’m never coming back. Why? You have so many damn ads and pop-ups! I couldn’t even read this article because one of the popups wouldn’t go away. I think you need to re-think your site.

  • She has an interesting use of adjectives. “Erotic air,” really? And I can’t imagine the degree to which one would have to be so derailed that she might at one moment, with out warning–and quite uncontrollably, to be sure–wash a car.