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Watch This: Steven Tyler Does The National Anthem

Oh, and what a job he does, my friends. What a job he does.

As you watch the video (or as you watch the video again, I don’t know what order you do things in), be sure to note a few things. Check out how every single person has the same reaction of “what the actual f*ck is happening to my ears right now?” and how so many people don’t hold their hands against their hearts during the song, which I thought was a requirement of being a U.S. citizen, simply because their brains just can’t compute the horror of this performance. Observe Steven Tyler‘s choice in clothing, namely the sparkly, sequined Patriots scarf. Note how he so subtly changes the lyrics to sing about what happened “as bomb bursting in air.” What a truly remarkable performance indeed.

Really though, we have to give Steven Tyler here some credit where credit is due. With all the awful stories that I had to tell you this weekend, with all the sadness in the world, Steven Tyler brings some fun to the table. You can’t stay sad when there’s some geriatric dude rocking some sequins, and for that, I’ll be eternally grateful.

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  • Steven Tyler need to be ashamed for hurting the National Athem like that. It’s bad enough that he sounded awful, but he didn’t even have the good sense to even learn the correct words to the song.

  • He can sing to the guys in the concession stand and ticket selling booth of any theater.. it’s a gift..