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This Is Probably The Creepiest Thing You Will Ever See

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Yesterday, Sarah showed you a delightful gallery of photos of Courtney Stodden rubbing herself all over Doug Hutchison, who was dressed as Santa Claus. And it was horrible and a little nauseating but, as always, it was hard to look away.

Well, now we have the video of Courtney rubbing on Santa Claus. And it’s still a little hard to look away, but you might have to, depending on how sensitive your gag reflex is. Because this is the grossest, creepiest little video that ever was. This is the first time since our introduction to Doug and Courtney that I actually had to stop and look at something else because I felt too dirty and too uncomfortable to go on.

So what I’m trying to say is “you’re welcome!”

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  • Doesn’t this qualify as child abuse??? Should you people at Evil Beet not call the authorities?

    I’m Canadian… I would be hard put to intervene,,,,

    Although their shenanigans do remind me of early John Waters’s movies….

    Sort of… They don’t even compare to that..

  • O.

    And I wonder too… It’s one thing her mother gave permission for her to get married, but isn’t this shit illegal since she’s 17?!

    UGH! Grossness!

  • Isn’t she a little cold? I can see some snow behind her.
    And isn’t she tired of that stupid arm bracelet? I think she got it at the thrift store Pam Anderson donated to circa 1995.

  • Couldn’t view. Just as well.

    “Coco Stodden” comes to mind; she gives me the same heebies as Ice-T’s wife. I wonder if Coco had a similar affinity for dripping adjectives at that age. I doubt she was as starry-eyed or as trusting.
    I get the impression that Doug is laughing all the way to the bank, thoroughly enjoying these exploits and the ensuing attention. At least Ice-T seems to genuinely care about his wife. And she’s mature enough to take full responsibility for her choices and public image.
    Coco Stodden is a player and a pawn.