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Eddie Cibrian is in a REAL MOVIE, You Guys!

Eddie, or as I lovingly dub him, “Squints McDong,” has landed a role in his First Real Movie, and by that I mean “a movie that wasn’t made for television, namely Lifetime.” The film also cast other stars like Thandie Newton, Gabrielle Union, Phylicia Rashad, Rebecca Romjin, Jamie Kennedy, and, of course, Tyler Perry, who also wrote the film. Perry claims that the film is about “… an affluent man [who] develops complicating feelings for a single mom [right before his wedding].”

LeAnn must be so STOKED! She probably celebrated by eating a quarter-bowl of Frosted Flakes with 2% milk! The splurge! The indulgence! The irony!

Congrats, Eddie! See what cheating on your snotty Real Housewives wife with a floundering country star will do for your career? YOU GO BOY!

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  • I once saw him in a monster movie, but he was practically the only one who didn’t die. Disappointing.

  • No, what is impressive is that Leann allowed Eddie to go to Atlanta by himself to film for this movie without tipping off the paps so that they get photos of him at an airport or following close behind Eddie. She did tweet nonstop about him filming the movie though. What does Tyler Perry think of Eddie and Leann’s constant famewhoring? Does he think it will be a good thing for his movie? BTW, does anyone think that Tyler Perry movie sound so much like the TD Jakes movie, Not Easily Broken(which Eddie also had a role in as a gigolo.)? Same concept, only the man was married and he sorta was dealing with complicated feelings for a single mother. You know that Leann and Eddie are going to ruin this film with their daily staged photo-ops.