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Tyler Perry

Rihanna is dodging Tyler Perry and it’s Whitney Houston’s fault


Rihanna‘s not really what you would call an actress, despite that awful appearance in Battleship – and I say that as a Rihanna fan. Singer? Of course. Fashion plate? I’ll buy it. However, she’s still hot shit in the celebrity world, so of course Mr. Madea himself, Tyler Perry, wants to book her in for a new movie role. The problem is, that’s never going to happen because Whitney Houston told RiRi before she died that Tyler Perry movies are for “fading black stars”. Ouch!

From Radar:

“Whitney put her off Tyler by warning her bluntly that ‘Tyler’s films are for fading black stars, not rising ones,’” the source said.

“Rihanna so respected Whitney because in addition to being one of the biggest pop stars ever, she starred in hit movies such as The Bodyguard.”

And Rihanna, also a multi-talented star, feels it will be better for her career to do something similar to the 2012 science fiction war film Battleship, for which she received glowing reviews, the source said.

“She’s ruling out doing a Tyler Perry-style romantic comedy because she thinks she works better in action roles, playing the tough girl.”

HAHAHA, okay. First of all, please tell me they’re going to continue making movies based on board games so Rihanna can star. Maybe she can play the role of The Car in the Monopoly movie? What about Lord Licorice in Candyland? I’m into it.

Second of all, I feel like I need to watch the Madea movies now. Are they on Netflix?

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Oprah Tops Forbes‘ Highest-Paid Celebrities List

photo of oprah winfrey forbes highest paid list pictures
… And interestingly enough, she’s the only woman in the Top 10. Others on the list are as follows:

#10 – Simon Cowell, $90 million
#9 – George Lucas, $90 million
#8 – James Patterson, $94 million
#7 – Howard Stern, $95 million
#6 – Tyler Perry, $105 million
#5 – Dr. Dre, $110 million
#4 – Jerry Bruckheimer, $115 million
#3 – Steven Spielberg, $130 million
#2 – Michael Bay, $160 million
#1 – Oprah Winfrey, $165 million

The monetary amounts are calculated by endorsements, profits, upfront pay and advertising work, and doesn’t even factor in whatever these people might be making off the books for … well, for whatever, really. When you’re making that kind of money, there’s lots of ways to fudge the numbers, I suppose.

When you’ve got it, you’ve got it, right? Damn.

Tyler Perry’s Mom (AKA The Real Madea) Passed Away

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry is pretty much a punchline as far as I’m concerned, but I am sad to share the news that his mother, the inspiration for his character Madea, has passed away. No cause of death has been released yet, but Perry did post the following message on his website: “Willie Maxine Perry. February 12, 1945 to December 8, 2009. Thank you for all your prayers.”

It’s been a rollercoaster year for Perry, who professionally is shining (his last project, Precious is getting all kinds of Oscar buzz), yet also shared with the public just a few months ago that he spent most of his childhood in fear of his abusive father.

I’m definitely not a fan of his films, but this is sad news.

Tyler Perry Opens Up About Childhood Violence, Abuse, Molestation


I know I’m a couple days late on this one, but if you haven’t read Tyler Perry’s latest blog update detailing the extreme physical, emotional and sexual abuse he endured as a child, it’s a striking entry and worth reading all the way through. Kudos to Mr. Perry for being willing to speak about vulnerability, pain and forgiveness on a topic as taboo as it is debilitating, particularly among men.

I Actually Think Mariah Carey’s New Movie Looks Kind of Awesome

I caught a brief article through the AP about a flick featuring Mariah Carey as a social worker. It’s called Precious, and it’s produced by Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey, and the director’s first choice for Mariah’s role was Helen Mirren. When she dropped out, Lee Daniels called on Mariah — who is 25 years younger than Helen — to play the role. He trusted Mariah’s acting skills, but he didn’t want a diva showing up on set to play a humble role. “If you come with a strip of makeup on,” he told her, “I will have a backup (actress).”

The article went on to say that Mariah’s performance in the film — which hits theaters November 6 — has garnered high praise from critics. I was VERY curious to see exactly how Mariah had slipped into a role imagined for Helen Freakin’ Mirren, so I checked out the trailer on YouTube. It’s above. I have to admit, not only does Mariah seem to be doing a great job, but the whole movie looks absolutely brilliant and touching and very human, and I can’t wait to see it. A far cry from Glitter, Mariah. (Although I still think of that Eminem diss track every time I hear your name these days.)

Tyler Perry’s Stalker Arrested


In yet another case that proves just about anybody can become the target of someone’s psychopathic obsession, Tyler Perry’s alleged stalker, Dawne Wilson, was arrested outside his Atlanta studio on Wednesday and is currently being held without bond.

Perry had taken out a restraining order on the woman who has continually showed up uninvited at his home and businesses and has exhibited “obsessive behavior” over the past year that included contacting him several hundred times a day and sending him gifts.

Writing on his online blog, he says, “I’m trying to be careful how I say this without inciting this person, but I have a stalker. This person sends several hundred emails a day to my office and has planned our wedding and bought rings and such. She has showed up at my house several times.

“What’s crazy is I’ve never met this woman, nor have I even responded to her emails. I’ve had to increase the guards at my house as well as travel with bodyguards and I hate that. I hate to have big guys following me around.”

When she showed up outside his studio on Wednesday, she was arrested for being in violation of the restraining order and charged with aggravated stalking.

I’m going to have to buy a book that psycho-analyzes the inner workings of stalkers and attempts to explain why and how they choose their victims. I am continually surprised by the odd celebrities who engender such psychopathic levels of obsession.

Tyler Perry Makes Oprah Cry

A huge congratulations to Tyler Perry who, on Saturday, became the first African-American ever to launch his own major TV and film studio. He celebrated by throwing a huge bash in Atlanta, where the studio is based.

“I spent 56 years making movies and this is the reward that I have that means the most to me,” said Sidney Poitier of Perry’s achievement.

And check out Oprah Winfrey crying her eyes out over this!

Also there to celebrate: Ruby Dee, Cicely Tyson, Louis Gossett, Jr., Holly Robinson Peete, Tracey Edmonds, music mogul L.A. Reid, John Legend, Eva Pigford, Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds.

Congratulations to Mr. Perry!