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Tyler Perry Opens Up About Childhood Violence, Abuse, Molestation


I know I’m a couple days late on this one, but if you haven’t read Tyler Perry’s latest blog update detailing the extreme physical, emotional and sexual abuse he endured as a child, it’s a striking entry and worth reading all the way through. Kudos to Mr. Perry for being willing to speak about vulnerability, pain and forgiveness on a topic as taboo as it is debilitating, particularly among men.

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  • I took a look at Perry’s blog, and his entry on the abuse he suffered as a child is saddening and chilling. His account is pretty raw and unprocessed too. He certainly did not need to open up like that to the public, and I’m touched that he was willing to speak about a place and time when he was so vulnerable and damaged.

  • You didn’t really need to point out that this story was a couple days old. That’s actually pretty quick for this site anymore. Most stories are 2-3 weeks old before anything’s posted about them here. I’m sure molls or Wendie will be reporting the passing of Patrick Swayze any day now.

    • You are an a-hole. Why do you come here if you know everything already? I don’t live on the net nor do I watch tv 24/7. I have never hear this before…Thanks for posting.I have been through emotional abuse from my dad also,It really effects who you are and what you become.

    • go back to Perez Hilton, then. shit, give them a break. like meohmy, i’d never heard this story- i don’t follow an other gossip blog or watch E! or anything. so give it a rest.

  • His entry was incredibly moving, powerful and hard to get through. I hate hearing about children having to go through these kinds of things. Makes me think their is no god. There is absolutely no reason for something like this to happen to an innocent child, no reason or plan in of god’s could excuse this. I’m really glad he wrote this because maybe his healing process can help others who have gone through the same things. When I first read the book, Push, I was left with such a gut wrenching feeling for days and days after wards. Yes, it has an uplifting ending and it encouraged me to become an adult literacy teacher which I am in the process of now becoming, but what this girl had endured is just unthinkable. I’m so happy they have introduced this story to the world.

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