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Tyler Perry Makes Oprah Cry

A huge congratulations to Tyler Perry who, on Saturday, became the first African-American ever to launch his own major TV and film studio. He celebrated by throwing a huge bash in Atlanta, where the studio is based.

“I spent 56 years making movies and this is the reward that I have that means the most to me,” said Sidney Poitier of Perry’s achievement.

And check out Oprah Winfrey crying her eyes out over this!

Also there to celebrate: Ruby Dee, Cicely Tyson, Louis Gossett, Jr., Holly Robinson Peete, Tracey Edmonds, music mogul L.A. Reid, John Legend, Eva Pigford, Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds.

Congratulations to Mr. Perry!

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  • She is probably crying because Sidney was there, he always makes her cry. Especially if Tyler suprised her with him being there.

  • I should talk cause I’m over 200lbs, but the O girl looks like she has packed on the pounds again. And what’s with that look on Steadman’s face in the pic with Oprah who-hahing? Is it embarrassment?

  • what doesn’t make this woman cry recently? she turned on the waterworks at the dnc and now this? ugh, get a grip woman.

  • uh oh! looks like oprah showed up too late for the all you can eat fried chicken and collard greens buffet!

  • re; keightlynn

    there is an official white history month silly. it’s every month. although sometimes we’re nice and let the blacks and mezkans have august when it’s really fucking hot and we don’t feel like going outdoors.

  • @ censorthis
    Your right, I forgot.
    Thanks for reminding me that we have 11 months and we were nice and gave them one.

  • re; pmp

    well, it might be because she’s actually uglier than that fucking chimp named jingo that i used to throw bananas to when the traveling circus would come to little rock when i was a mere child. and for those of you that think this is a racist statement, i also think hillary clinton is uglier than jingo too, so go pound sand.

  • re; megan

    what about ‘the big sidney poitier lebowski’? you didn’t think that was funny? if not, then you might as well have guessed who PISSED ON MY FUCKING RUG MAN before coming to dinner. did that suck major cack? i think you’ve proven that if you were a cook the best you could whip up for this board would be macaroni and cheese, out of the fucking box, bitch.

  • beet;

    please delete all remarks that i’ve made above that could be construed as racism since you blacklisted, as requested by the virgin mary (aka tigerlillie), my post on the boring matt damon article. i’ve realized my faults and from now on will only pounce on fags, silicone tits, coked out washed up tv stars, midgets, perez (oh yeah, i already said fags) ugly babies and lesbian slanted behavior, just as you like. i may be the only black male poster on this planet that loves to bow down to white women such as yourself, but i’ze hangin’ in there. ps; can i get an avatar? if so, i’d like cornelius from planet of the apes.

  • Keightlynn, when you make comments like this, I always get the impression that you think that you are being very clever, but to me your comments are just sad and stupid.

  • re; tigerlille

    you are so right on. would you consider letting me rub massage oil on your back while i hum the theme song from shogun?

  • @ tigerlille

    Seriously? Let loose a little, at least if your going to post on this board- nothing is sacred or politically correct, obviously.

    But I still think it’s sad and stupid that there isn’t a “WET” White Entertainment Television, White history month, and that I don’t get any type of government money for going to college for my skin color.

  • @keightlynn:

    We do have White Entertainment Television — it’s everything that’s not BET. I mean, when’s the last time you were flipping through the channels thinking “Why is there no one on here who looks like me?”

    And we do have white history month — it’s always. And it’s not like Black History Month changes the curriculum in the public school system. I don’t know about you, but I never had a teacher say, “At this point, we’re going to put our studies of the ancient Greeks on hold, because it’s February. It’s gonna be all Eli Whitney all the time now, kids.”

    I do agree with you on the government money part, though. Government college funding should be exclusively merit- and/or need-based, IMHO.

  • You have a point Beet, but I frequently drive down the street in my town and think “why doesn’t anyone look like me”.

  • Censorthis, do you by any chance think that by identifying yourself as a black male poster it will automatically be assumed that it is politically correct for you to make casual racist asides because you are bored? I hope not, but I am hard pressed to understand why you stated your race and sex. Sorry, I am not a knee-jerk liberal, and your being a black male is absolutely irrelevant to me in this matter.

    And Keightlyn, censorthis was not joshing with you when he said it is white history month all the time. He does have his moments of lucidity. You don’t need a special scholarship from the government for being white: 99.9% of all the colleges and universities in this country were built for you. (Well, not specifically for you, since you are a woman.)

    I am far frm politically correct, Keightlyn, but I do consider many things sacred.

  • All of you have it completely wrong. Oprah is crying because she just realized how much money she’s pissing away by bankrolling Tyler Perry’s studio.

  • Yes, I do live in a predominately black neighborhood, and I think blacks are/can be much more racist than whites.

    The other day, a black man asked me for a few bucks for gas because “he couldn’t find is wallet”, when I gave him my only dollar he said, wow, you and your friend are very pretty for being /white/ girls.
    If that had been said the other way around, there wouldv’e cries of racism and a fight, but because I could care less really, I let it go, and walked away.

    My point was that, if there was a white history month made official, or a holiday celebrating Caucasian skin made official, it would be considered racist. So why is it any different just because your black? IMO holidays, history months, and tv channels all help to segregate the black community from the rest of population instead of everyone living in a cohesive community where race is not an issue. But this will never happen, I realize.

    And what does sex/color of ones skin have do with how a college works? I’m also going to say that you pulled that statistic out of your butt.

  • I can’t stand tyler perry.. he always equates black culture with southern black culture.. why do you people let some douche who can’t see beyond his neighborhood represent you? That’s like allowing the world to think that all americans are fairly represented by george bush

  • Keightlyn, what tigerlile is saying, and it’s very true.
    Colleges and Universities used to be for rich white men.
    At one point a chick wasn’t really expected to go to school, it was expected that she stayed at home and popped baby after baby out while cooking a roast beef dinner for her husband.

    And as for you and the comment about the black man saying you were a pretty nice white girl….what he was probably saying is thank god she didn’t accuse me of trying to rob her. Because you almost come accross as one of those people. You know the ones that think if you look at them the wrong way then we are all coming to break into your house to beat you with a base ball bat.

  • And yes, it did /used/ to be that way, but not anymore. Therefore sex/race should have nothing to do with college grants for skin color.

    No, the comment was completely unwarranted.
    We were at Macaroni Grill, about to walk in, and this man approaches us. He says, “my wife told me not to ask anyone, but my daughter just had a baby, were from Columbus, and we came up here to see her. I have lost my wallet, and we have no gas or money to get home. Can you donate anything?”
    My husband then pulls out a Speedway gift card with about ten bucks on it, and gives it to him.
    The man then looks at me, my friend and her husband and says, “do you have any money?”
    I say I only have one dollar, and I don’t carry cash, my friend says the same, and her husband didn’t have any cash at all.
    The man then says, “Well, then can I /have/ your dollars?”
    Dumbfounded, we said sure, and handed our dollars to him. He then says to me and my friend-
    “How old are you?” I say, “19”. He asks my friend the same question. She says, “22”.
    The man then raises his eyebrows, chuckles a bit, looks at me and says “Wow, you and you friend are very pretty for being /white/ girls.”
    And he did stressed the “white”. He then leaves, and doesn’t thank us at all. The comment was completely rude, and unneeded. If this was said the other way around, it would racism, but because I’m white it’s not.
    But we all just kinda looked at each other like WTF, and went about our business.
    (Meanwhile, his kid is running around the parking lot eating food from the restaurant….)

  • @ keightlynn

    Well, that’s a different story, when I read the first one, it sounded like he was trying to give you a compliment. Like “you’re a pretty white girl” when you add the “for a white girl”…yeah that would kinda rub me the wrong way.

    And yeah universities shouldn’t base the student body on sex/race/religion, but a lot of them still do in their own sneaky ways. A lot of them also choose athletes over regular students.

  • for example, my first year Philosophy class we had to argue either for or against abortion as an assignment.
    One of my classmates, also happened to be on the schools hockey team, ad he wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box to begin with.
    His argument? He said, “I’m not a chick so I really don’t care” and that was it, one phrase, I mean it could have been a great point, if he at least thought about it, and backed it up! ugh, anyway….

  • keightlynn: the point of your story is what? that you and your husband were scammed? would it have been better for you if the guy were white?

  • Racism is, unfortunately alive and well in every aspect of our lives and will never really go away. Think about it, jocks/nerds, men/women, rich/poor, black/white and so on and so forth. Cohesiveness has to begin at a personal level by being accepting of people and ways of life that are different than to what you are accustom to. We could all stand to be a little more accepting, well, except of course for censorthis. I don’t think he wants to be accepted. ;)

  • @ keightlynn: of course prejudice goes both ways, but the black culture has had the denial of basic human rights at the hands of the white culture. we as white people cannot say the same, although as women we certainly understand violence at the hands of men. do you honestly think your little macaroni garden story is equal to the story of emmitt till? i grew up in the south (south carolina and louisiana) and i understand what it feels like to be the only white person living on my block, etc. but instead of seeing it as a hardship i saw it as a chance to experience another culture and got a lot out of it. maybe you should try to look at it that way too. and also? you should probably stop giving money to strangers, no matter what color they are.

  • rhetorical questions don’t know if there is really answer for any of these. i don’t purport to have any answers but when i read discussions like the one we have going here, i’m left with several questions.

    what are the appropriate reparations to be made to the african american culture in this day and age for the sins committed against their ancestors?

    when will people’s choices be their own and not a result of the societal subjugation their ancestors experienced? i’m not just talking about african americans with this question although this discussion made me think about it. (i grew up in a predominantly jewish community and the holocaust for many people there is still a realistic threat today.)

    when in our culture, will we be able to break down a person’s actions and attribute them solely to the individual: good, bad or indifferent?

    for me that last question should be applied to the corporations, insurance companies and governmental leadership that has lead us into our present economic crisis. i don’t see any individual accountability in our culture at any level whether it is an individual, group or company. and yet, our family has made good choices: we didn’t borrow past our means; we didn’t make risky financial choices; we monitored our banks and savings vehicles; we pay our taxes; we teach our kids responsibility and accountability and yet we will now have to suck it up and pay for the, in my mind, criminal actions of others’ greed and stupidity. (wow, i’m bitter and this is the wrong thread – back on track.)

    in the u.s.a. today, it is deemed perfectly acceptable for any minority to establish a support group or lobbying interest. what happens in several years in california, for example, when the latino population becomes the overt majority population in the state? will they’re lobbying groups be considered overtly racist or unnecessary?

    imho, keightlynn and her party did the appropriate thing. they attempted to help a person, regardless of his color, with a difficult situation. she didn’t run when a person of color approached her; she offered what assistance she could at the time.

    my last questions for the evening are: what if even though she had the means to help him, she had refused to do so? would that gentleman have called her racist? would he have assumed the only reason she refused to help him was the color of his skin?

  • Geez. Poor Sidney Portier is thinking “can’t she grow a penis for one night and just suck it up!” U just can’t invite her somewhere without all the tears and blubbery. Someone should take Pork-’O’ and inform her this night is about Tyler Perry’s great achievement and not every moment is about her & her FEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLINNNGS.

    She can blubber on about his achievements when she invites him on her show and tries to exploit him for her evil purposes (i.e. da bedroom).
    Run, Tyler, Run!
    Uh…yes I am still PMSing just a lil’ bit. But seriously Tyler, run. It’s a trap!

  • @ qqk-
    I am a third generation Swiss in America on one side of my family- many of my ancestors were Mennonite, and therefore my ancestors had nothing to do with slavery, beatings, ect.
    I am also Cherokee on the other side, I have cousins who are going to college for free because they are just slightly more Indian than me. I could really get on the band wagon of the Indians saying that my people had there land taken away, and blahblahblah, but I don’t because I don’t think it’s right to bring up the past to the present situations. What’s done is done. Whole societies have been put into slavery, and hardship, that is the way history has worked, sad as it may be. Even if I had the chance to get this grant, I wouldn’t take it because MY land wasn’t taken away, my ancestors was.
    I don’t see it as a hardship, I was just stating that prejudice goes both ways. It’s both sides fault for not trying see past color.
    Again, I wanted to help the man out, not because of the color of his skin, but because if his story was true, I know if I was in his shoes, that would really suck. We gave him the gas card because he has to spend that on gas. And two dollars in cash wont do him anything but buy him a candy bar.

    @ ribbet
    I completely agree with you.

    “when in our culture, will we be able to break down a person’s actions and attribute them solely to the individual: good, bad or indifferent?”

    I really don’t think this will ever happen, as long as people keep bringing up the past. :/