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I Actually Think Mariah Carey’s New Movie Looks Kind of Awesome

I caught a brief article through the AP about a flick featuring Mariah Carey as a social worker. It’s called Precious, and it’s produced by Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey, and the director’s first choice for Mariah’s role was Helen Mirren. When she dropped out, Lee Daniels called on Mariah — who is 25 years younger than Helen — to play the role. He trusted Mariah’s acting skills, but he didn’t want a diva showing up on set to play a humble role. “If you come with a strip of makeup on,” he told her, “I will have a backup (actress).”

The article went on to say that Mariah’s performance in the film — which hits theaters November 6 — has garnered high praise from critics. I was VERY curious to see exactly how Mariah had slipped into a role imagined for Helen Freakin’ Mirren, so I checked out the trailer on YouTube. It’s above. I have to admit, not only does Mariah seem to be doing a great job, but the whole movie looks absolutely brilliant and touching and very human, and I can’t wait to see it. A far cry from Glitter, Mariah. (Although I still think of that Eminem diss track every time I hear your name these days.)

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  • I agree that “Precious” is awesome, but please, it is not Mariah Carey’s movie. She just has a small part in it.

  • Yeah, I saw a trailer awhile ago, and unless they fucked up the movie big time, I’m pretty sure I’ll be a-cryin. I am interested in seeing how M does, but I’m way more curious to see if Monique sells me – I just can’t stand the woman, but it looks like she’s gonna be awesome.

  • WOW! Lemme preface by saying that I’m TOTALLY PMSing now but that trailer gave me goose bumps & brought tears to my eyes!
    And also I agree w/ PT, it doesn’t seem like this is a Mariah movie, just that she has a part in it.

  • Man that is really hitting a nerve with me, I am all teary eyes and shit. I think I will wait til it comes out on DVD, it will be a tear jerker and I don’t wanna be bawling in the movie theater. I tell you what, it better have a damn happy ending!

  • It’s based on the book “Push”. You MUST READ THIS BOOK. It’s incredible and inspired me to become an adult literacy teacher. I’m sooooo happy this movie was made!!

    • Yeah, when is this movie coming out already? I’ve been hearing about it for months.

      It’s not a true story btw. Total fiction.

  • I was just about to say the same thing about Push. Sapphire is a powerful writer. I had to put the book down so many times to simply absorb what I had just read.

  • I’m already crying. From watching the TRAILER. No way am I watching this movie. It looks waaay to sad, and its even sadder because its real. Even if this story isn’t true (I don’t know if it is), there are many people in real life who had to live through shit like this. God, I don’t like watching movies that make me sad..I think thats why the only movies I watch are romanitc comedies.

  • Goosebumps and teary-eyed. I saw a preview a while back, and this is one of my must see movies for the year. Who cares about Mariah, Gabby Sidabe (Precious) steals the show!! And I love Mo’Nique, so I can’t wait for her to make me hate her in this role. I really hope it generates some Oscar buzz!

  • Oh Im so glad Im not the only weeper watching that trailer – will definately go see it.

    Mind you, anything could get me today, I am totally about to have my baby (if only the baby would comply and be had!)


    idk… i like mariah and all but they could have cast better in her role.