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Can You Guess What Kim Kardashian Did with Her Wedding Gifts?

A photo of Kim Kardashian

As you all know, Kim Kardashian had a big fancy wedding and, as such, also had a big fancy registry. For instance, you could buy the happy couple a set of plates for only $12,000! But you also know that Kim’s marriage lasted just 72 days. So what happened to all those fancy gifts?

Surely she returned them, right? Her wedding guests received a package a couple months after the wedding that contained their diamond studded napkin rings with a note that said “LOL sorry about the sham of a wedding XOXOXOXOXO,” surely. Or, if not, Kim donated the items to charity. It has to be one of those.

Oh, you mean she just traded in a bunch of gifts and got Rolexes instead? That’s cool too, I guess.

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