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First Photo of Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Face

photo of kim kardashian at her wedding pictures photos

I know you guys are pretty torn between “Oh how pretty! Kim Kardashian wedding photos!” and “Ugh, this bitch?”, but there’s two – count ’em two – photos here to satisfy both groups. The upper photo is for the former group – and doesn’t she just look amazing, ladies and gentlemen. Seriously. Plastic surgery or not, this is one pleasing head.

For the latter group, here’s another photo:

photo of kim kardashian wedding aisle walk pictures photos

What, you can’t find anything remotely amusing about it? Well, how about the fact that step dad Jenner is walking girlfriend down the aisle here and practically no one’s watching?

See? Don’t you just love days when everyone can be happy? Crap, I know I do.

Images courtesy of E Online

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  • Kim Kardashians wedding face looks like the same face she had when RJ was boning her. Just watched her fame making video this morning.

  • Who made you a judge? so you have never made a mistake in your life? (He without a Sin please cast the first stone).

  • I don’t see any judgements in my comments. Just commenting on the fact that her face looks the same. To answer your question, however, I’ve never made a “mistake” of making a video to become famous. The sex tape route worked for Paris Hilton and worked for Kim Kardashian. Let’s be honest though, Kim has no skill, giving blowjobs aside, no profound talent. She can’t sing, dance or act to my knowledge. She decided to become famous and used the sex tape method to achieve those means. Well played.