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Kim Kardashian Gets A Haircut, Has A Ridiculous Wedding Registry

A photo of Kim Kardashian

First things first: Kim got a haircut. Love her or hate her, you’ve got to admit that this girl is not unattractive, and I think those few inches she just took off really helps.  You know, like she needs help in that department. She’s mind-numblingly dumb but insanely gorgeous.  And isn’t that always the way.

And here’s a bonus bit of Kardashian news:  you can now purchase a gift for Kim and her man straight from their wedding registry!  So if you feel like purchasing a fancy $1,000 clock or 18 plates for $670 a pop, head on over there and make these little lovebirds just the happiest newlyweds on their wedding day! Which, according to the registry, is on Halloween! Honestly, if there was one more good piece of Kardashian news, I think I would simply explode with well wishes, don’t you?

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  • Please,under the demand of pimp momma she removed her weave .due to her fake ass wedding and poor reviews the family has been receiving in the press.Kim is the money maker and needs a new image so the family ” i.e. Pimp momma ” doesn’t lose her paycheck…this family I truly believe does NOTHING unless , they can gain from it ……..

  • A perfect gift for the chump marrying her would be for her to get an STD check. Just sayin’.

    • you guys are so fucked up! an STD check? you can count the guys she’s been with. oh yeah! she’s dumb? look where she is now all over money and you writing about her to make money. now who is dumb?

  • Insanely gorgeous?!?! Are you insane?! This is one of the MOST unattractive women I have ever seen. Tons of Botox and plastered-on makeup with layers of false eyelashes do NOT make a woman attractive. She has no neck, fake hair, a lumpy lard ass (that’s possibly not real), huge breasts that mold into waist – and all this gorgeousness is supported by 8-inch stubby legs! And let’s not forget her entire body (by her own admission) had to have hair laser removal. Oh, yeah, she’s a beauty!!