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Kim Kardashian’s ‘JAM’ is SO Not My Jam

I love the Kardashian sisters and will support pretty much anything they do (I love to see strong Armenian women doing themselves to the most,) but I absolutely cannot stand by and watch Kim Kardashian try and position herself as some sort of singer.

This new single “JAM” had its debut on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show this morning and it’s just GAWDAWFUL. From the completely trite and uninspired lyrics (try to tell T.I. or Rihanna that there aren’t a million ways to articulate that you’re having a fun time out with your friends) to the unforgivably bad vocals, the whole track is an abortion. There’s nothing fun or redeemable about it. Even Paris Hilton was better at turning out tracks than Kim is, and that’s saying something.

What do you think of this song? Is it as bad as I think it is or am I being overly harsh?

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  • This is pretty much the opinion of every blogger and/or commentator. I can’t bring myself to listen to it.

  • I like Kim Kardashian but honestly speaking, her single is awful! I think singing is not her thing.

  • Kim Kardashian is nothing more than some loser aping Paris Hilton’s path of shame. She has the WORST ass on the planet (make sure to photograph her from the front, the rear scares off everyone who’s eyes still work). SHE BECAME FAMOUS FROM A CRAPPY PORN MOVIE.

    Her equally no-talent sisters and mother should all be harassed non-stop from the time they wake up to the time they pass out.

    Idiots like you bloggers keep them in the bucks. And for what? To continue to fill your worthless minds with their drivel.

  • Dude, it was so much worse than I thought possible. I thought, “can’t they fix that?” “Can’t they make her sound better than that?” “God this is embarrassing!”