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Kim Kardashian’s Doing Some Serious Bride-Body Crosstraining

[Image removed upon request]

Hey Kim Kardashian. Looking good. I mean, you know, as always. You could probably have a runny shit fight and then roll in cornmeal and you’d still look awesome. And working out, too! Man. Lots to look forward to these days, big doings. A huge bitchin’ honker of an engagement ring, financial security, a massive wedding to plan, babies to pop out … there’s got to be a touch of grey to all that silver lining BS, right? Like, I bet you’ve had moments where you’ve been all upset that someone threw that black camisole you’re wearing in the dryer, because we ALL KNOW how fucked up those shitty faux-satin straps can get when they’re tumble-dried. Chin up!

[Image removed upon request]

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