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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Were Finally Caught Sucking Face If You Care

photo of ryan reynolds and blake lively pictures sex kissing vacation in utah pics
I don’t know how you guys feel, but whenever I see Blake Lively, I just kind of roll my eyes and shake my head (unless she’s naked). The girl is so desperate for more fame. It doesn’t matter who it is – if they’ve had three more minutes of fame than she has had with her Big Deal Gossip Girl contract, she’s latched onto them like the leeches that stuck to my ass one fine summer day at the crick when I was sliding down slimy rocks and into eight inches of rock- and twig-ridden waters.

These photos are from a recent vacation wherein Ryan Reynolds thought it’d finally be OK to air out Leonardo DiCaprio’s sloppy seconds (because really, I don’t think there was any true transition between boning Leo and boning Ryan) and let the world know that this is what they’re doing behind closed doors in Boston, too. That, or, I don’t know. Maybe he thinks that if he does what she wants and goes public with the relationship that he’ll get a blowjob out of the deal. The things people will do for free oral sex, you know?

Images courtesy of TMZ

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