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Stick a Fork in ‘Em, They’re Done: Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio

photo of leonardo and blake pictures dating yacht photos pics

Oh no, what’s Blake going to do now, aside from capitalize off of her COMPLETELY AWESOME nude photos? Continue doing the Gossip Girl thing, sans big-time-boyfriend fame? Find other yachts to hang out on in the Mediterranean? Do an album? Or hell, maybe she’ll fold the whole thing over and go the Michelle Williams route: writing love letters for a living. Or, OOH. Sous chef. Point is, Blake can’t act her way out of a home “photo shoot,” and the only thing she really had going over the past few months was the fact that a monster movie star boned her on the regular – one who didn’t try to cover it up, either.

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  • that pic is sort of creepy. like a stand off. as if they are all saying we are over and she is pleading her case. or “what about the baby” hahahahaaaaaaa

  • Looks like the ol “Put out or get out” game! Waters are deep here babe, so whats it gonna be? Foursome?