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Khloe Kardashian Is The Best Kardashian

A photo of Khloe Kardashian

Remember last week when we showed you guys some photos of Khloe Kardashian going to the gym without makeup? Sarah called it “positively refreshing,” and I definitely agree. Time and time again, Khloe has proven herself to be, well, kind of a better person than most of those in her family. But, as always, people are going to trash talk, and when they started calling names and poking fun at Khloe in those pictures, she had some pretty good things to say in response:

Some people are so stressed trying to be perfectly flawless…. but I’m so HAPPY to be perfectly flawed.

Haters are like crickets; they make a lot of noise you can hear but you never see them, then you walk right by them and they’re quiet.

“People will hate you, rate you, shake you, and break you. But how strong you stand is what makes you.”

Its crazy 2me that if I dont go 2the gym I get judged. If I do go I still get judged. Yes when u work out u sweat, get red…

This is why I live for me and not for anyone else. You learn quickly that you will NEVER make everyone happy in life. But I am happy :)

See, this is why I love Khloe and why sometimes I can just respect the hell out of her and … oh god. Do I have a crush on Khloe Kardashian?

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  • I kind of think I like her. But I am still wary. I don’t know if I like her because she actually is cool, or if she just seems great against the background of her ridiculously awful family.

  • i like her she seems like shes is kinda normal (as normal as u can be with that family) not plastic like kim and the rest.

  • I like her. I like when she said that there is no competition between her and Kim, because Kim is on a completely different path.I also feel awful for her that her mom never told her that she has a different dad than she was lead to believe all her life, and that she has a tattoo on her wrist in the handwriting of the man she thought was her father.Kris Jenner sucks several metric tons of ass.

  • It is not normal to speak the way she does. She is a huge potty mouth and curses and calls people vagina. What is normal about that? They a pure trash. Boycott

  • Sounds like she’s trying to convince herself and hopes that everyone will then praise her for her strength of character (if nothing else).

  • Haters keep hating. Khloe is simply by far the best Kardashian. She speaks her mind and tells it like it is, she’s the realest of them all and I happen to think she’s fabulous. Her sisters should really try to be more like her.

  • Pls u haters shld leave this girl alone,wat has she done,was u haters business wit her life human we like to juge too much and we are not perfect someone is good u we juge doing the right thing you haters we juge wat do u pple want? If u don’t like this family blind your eyes they are not begging you to watch then(God wat kind of pple are all this jugeing someone as if you pple are that perfect.