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Blake Lively Sneaks Out of Ryan Reynolds’ Apartment

Photo: Blake Lively waits at a train station. She's wearing a hat.

Here’s a photo of Blake Lively. Can you find her in the crowd? Oh, I’ll just tell you: she’s the one in the gigantic coat and the Incognito Hat. Man! I never realized you could cover that much of your face with your own hair. I’ve gotta learn that trick.

According to Us, Ryan Reynolds walked Blake to the van that took her to the Boston train station. And there she is now, hoping to God nobody recognizes her. How chivalrous, Ryan Reynolds!

Gee, I wonder why these two are being so surreptitious. It couldn’t possibly be because Scarlett Johansson is ridiculously sad about her divorce from Reynolds, could it? (Watch your back, Blake—that girl will cut you.)

Anyway. Sorry, ScarJo, but it really could be worse. Like, a lot worse. At least your ex is sorta trying to keep his new romance under wraps, y’know?

(Image via Us Magazine.)

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