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Olivia Munn Continues Her “Take Me Seriously” Tour With FHM

photo of olivia munn for fhm magazine pics
I don’t have a whole lot to say about this post, because it kind of speaks for itself. Olivia Munn did a shoot and interview about how nerdy she is for men’s magazine, FHM. That’s really kind of the extent of it.

Also, I realize that some people are gonna say, “Waaaah, blah blah blah you’re just jealous of Olivia Munn because she’s SO HOT and SEXY NERD WHATEVER,” but guys? I can assure you: I am not jealous of … LOL … Olivia Munn. Eva Mendes, yes. Rachel McAdams? Oh my God, absolutely. Whatever random vapidy-vapid that happens to be dating Adrien Brody at any given time? Don’t-get-me-started-on-that-yes. But Olivia Munn? Christ, no. Not a peanut butter smidgen’s chance in Khloe Kardashian’s fridge.

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  • I one hundred percent completely agree. I’m sorry but Olivia Munn is not attractive. Face and body wise she’s just not cute. I actually thought she looked kind of big in the magazine.

  • I think Olivia Munn is funny, and I think she’s pretty but not crazy hot (compared to other female celebrities). The nerdy guys love her because she was on a video game channel and because she’s Asian. Dorky white guys love Asian girls.

    I don’t really get the hate for Scarlette Johansson and Eva Mendes though. I guess because Eva is dating Ryan Gosling, and he’s apparently the ultimate wet dream for 99% of women. At least he’s a good looking guy and a talented actor. I’ve heard girls talk about Ashton Kutcher being hot, which I just do not understand. He’s goofy looking and acting as hell.