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Look, It’s Another Amazing Adele Cover!

This is Taio Cruz. I know you know Taio Cruz. He did the best pop song of the decade:

About a year ago, I confessed my love for “Dynamite” in passing, and then back in May, the song won Taio three awards at the Billboard Music Awards. I haven’t heard much from good ol’ Taio since because I very rarely listen to the radio (don’t think that “Break Your Heart” business managed to slip past me though), but to this day, I still treasure “Dynamite” and I still hold it close to my heart. I considered it Taio’s one great gift to the world.

BUT WAIT. Then he went and did a cover of Adele‘s “Someone Like You”? AND IT WAS AMAZING? What is this? How am I supposed to react to this? Like, am I supposed to be crying right now?

Do you guys love this as much as I do, or do you prefer LeAnn’s version?

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  • I think no one can top Adele on this song but I must admit it’s a really good cover, very gentle. I like it!!