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Watch This: Adele’s Music Video for “Someone Like You”

I honestly can’t listen to Adele‘s “Someone Like You” too much more. It’s a little gut-wrenching—like, Eternal Sunshine gut-wrenching.

The official music video for “Someone Like You” translates Paris, the Most Romantic Place On Earth®, into a grayscale, nightmarishly desolate landscape of ruined dreams. Like Adele’s own music, the video is stark, underproduced, and lovely. Watch it if you can bear it.

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  • Adele is amazing,? truly amazing. This is how music is supposed to be, from the heart. Now I? know you guys probably don’t like rap because? all they rap about are stupid things like sex, money, and drugs. But there is this guy, who rapped to an instrumental of this song? (Someone Like You),? and it sounds amazing. It’s about love, and there is no cussing involved. I’m not comparing the two artists at all, I just think you guys should check this song out. Search for ‘Bostin – Misguided Love.’