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But Celebrities, How Do You Get All The Money?

A photo of Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, and Kourtney Kardashian

Do you ever wonder exactly how people like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton get so incredibly, unbelievably rich with no discernible talent? Or even just any old celebrity, like, say, Beyonce, who, along with husband Jay-Z brought in $72 million this past year alone: yes, they work hard and they’re talented, but how do they get that ungodly amount of money? Sure, there are some cases where these stars come from rich families, but some people are just inexplicably wealthy. Did you ever wonder about how?

If you’re a little curious, check out this little breakdown to see where a lot of this money comes from:

1. On average celebrities make $33,000 per pound just for losing weight on an endorsement deal.
2. $10,000 per Tweet
3. 50% of all proceeds from staged paparazzi photos
4. $10,000 “secret” endorsement checks to wear certain items of clothing.
5. $100,000 for baby photos (except for the very high end babies which can command $1 million)
6. $25,000 for a club appearance
7. All expense paid trips for them and their entire family to show up and say they support a charity

I can’t.  It’s too early, I’m too broke, I can’t. $10,000 to wear free clothes? $33,000 per lost pound? $10,000 per Tweet? Goddamn. I don’t know whether to try to figure out where I went wrong that I’m not making thousands of dollars for going to a club or to try to figure out where our society went wrong. I think I’m going to settle for somewhere in the middle, and of course by “somewhere in the middle,” I mean “stay in my pajamas all day, watch The Notebook and Beaches over and over, and weep.”

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  • Wait, where does the money come from for endorsing a charity? If the charity itself pays them, I will never support an organization that uses my donations to pay celebrities. Is there a place we can find this information?

  • They do it by staging stories and stunts through using pr people who create two to three step staging to fool the public. All her 11 Million tweeters are also fake or bought. $250K for another persons inventory of names on twitter. Big business to dupe us dumb americans

  • Their new show in NEw York is hypocritical, cos I seen them make faces of them staying there. ALso, They think they need yoga.. Take their millions and see how thy will deal w/out $$$.