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In Today’s Non-News: Justin Bieber Took That Paternity Test Anyway

Photo: Justin Bieber on November 18

That’s right! On Friday, the Biebz took Mariah Yeater‘s little paternity test just as he promised, and I’m sure he aced it.

But why did Bieber bother? After all, the paternity suit was dropped five days ago. And besides, we all already know who her baby’s father is.

However! Enty at Crazy Days and Nights has gone wild with the news, speculating that Mariah Yeater may actually have credible evidence proving she got jiggy with J-Biebz. Could it be?

Eh, probably not. According to TMZ’s earliest reports, that paternity test is just the first step in the huge freaking lawsuit Justin Bieber is about to file against Yeater. TMZ reported again today that Bieber’s lawyers are following through with the original plan.

As I see it, Mariah Yeater is just some dumb single mom who had hoped to reach a settlement with Justin Bieber’s team. I realize Bieber wants to make a legal precedent out of her—frivolous lawsuits and, uh, extortion are generally not OK, as a rule—but suing some dumb, 20-year-old single mom doesn’t sit very well with me. It’s like, ugh, just toss her in jail or something.

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  • well, there may or may not be criminal charges filed – as far as a civil case – I hope the Bieber’s lawyers roast her – she is a fraud. She has no money and after losing the lawsuit – never will. This will protect Bieber and other stars from “some” frivolous lawsuits in the future. Of course, it’s hard to stop a complete idiot from doing stupid things – and it always will be.

    That goofy gal will have a very large uncollected judgement following her around the rest of her life. If she inherits any money, it’s gone – tax return – gone – you name it. Good riddance to her.

    • Sure, but there’s no reason to make her baby pay the price, too, just for existing. Sue mom, and that infant is potentially already done.

  • he took it because he has “F”ed girls on the road. this is all so funny. he has to much money to not be able to smooth anything over. this kid is a FAIL.

      • Sorry it posted before I was ready.

        I meant to say, Do you really think he would take the paternity test if there was even A CHANCE it was his and he wasn’t forced to take it? No way.
        As annoying as Justin Bieber is, he can have pretty much any girl he wants. Including Selena Gomez. There’s no way he’s having sex with random girls.

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