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Justin Bieber Will Put Himself to the Test!

Photo: Justin Bieber, today (Nov. 6) at the MTV Europe Music Awards

Which test, you ask? Why, baby Tristyn Yeater’s paternity test! And honestly, I’m a little shocked, because—I’ve said it before—I don’t think the Biebz should even deign to acknowledge Mariah Yeater. I mean, even if Bieber does actually bang all his tween fans backstage (yawn), this Mariah Yeater character is pretty clearly nuts. I figure we should do our best to forget about her. Zzz.

All the same, Bieber is going the high road and taking that paternity test anyway, according to his lawyer. There’s a method to Bieber’s madness: once he proves he isn’t the father of Yeater’s child, he reportedly plans to sue her ever-living pants off.

And to this I’m like, “Ha!” but I’m also like, “Seriously?” I mean, Yeater’s move was an obvious, calculated cash-grab. She’s a violent kook, sure, but she’s also a struggling single mom, already facing permanent financial ruin. And no matter who you are, babies are not collateral. Sigh. I guess what I’m saying is, somebody needs to rescue that poor infant.

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  • I think that it is interesting to note that the age of consent in California is 18. So if this occurred about a year ago, Justin Bieber was definitely under this age and Mariah Yeater was over it. Does that not make this act (if it occurred) statutory rape on Mariah Yeater’s part?

  • I can’t decided, is Bieb’s taking of the paternity test an admission of guilt in that he does bang mad bitches after his shows? That he is having an “oh shit moment” hoping, that to the public, his willingness to prove he is “NOT THE FATHER” (maury shout out) will make it all go away or that he really is innocent of back stage boners and that this girl is indeed crazy as all get out.

  • Pants and a child is about all she has so why sue? Really going to take the high road take the test prove your point and walk away.