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Love It or Leave It: Snooki’s Mega-Poof

photo of snooki in new york city with mario lopez pictures photos pics
Looks to me like Snooki‘s becoming quite the caricature of herself, huh?

I also love that absolutely no one is fazed by her presence. It’s like no one even cares. It’s like she’s as famous as Mario Lopez or something. I’m actually beginning to think that if I happened to see Snooki walking down the street at me, that I’d probably do my best to avoid even the most polite of eye contact, and instead of throwing her into the gutter where she belongs like I’d like to, I might actually take the high road and not try to contaminate myself with whatever funky disease she’s got that’s definitely contracted through slurred, flying spittle.

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  • Why are her legs 100 shades darker than her face and arms? They don’t look like stockings. Stupid, stupid, stupid

  • It’s weird how FutureSnooki in the background went to all that trouble to travel back in time to warn PresentDaySnooki, but then just ended up applauding instead. Too much pickle juice, I guess.

  • I noticed she’s wearing some kind of funky platform shoes AND standing on a pedestal and she’s still a runt.

  • Which major poof are we discussing? Let’s see; there is her hair; then moving down below the neck there are the tits straining against her poor defenseless dress, followed by the bulging Tum. The arms of the dress look as if they are encasing sausages that are about to burst, and if she turned around I am sure one would believe that we were watching a rather hallucinogenic episode of “The Blue Planet.” One almost expects to see whales and dolphins shooting out her ass emitting a great spray. One gets the feeling that Mario Lopez is firmly grasping her shoulder in an effort to contain the fashion equivalent of a nuclear disaster.

    Poor Snookie is the living embodiment of: This is your “pleasantly plump” body encased in a dress that is three-to-four sizes too small. The Lady standing to Snookie’s rear appears to be fearful that if those seams burst, they’ll put someone’s eye out.

  • Whenever I look at Snooks, I’m always baffled by the way her hips seem to start at her elbows. She’s just oddly proportioned.