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Is the Honeymoon Over Already?

photo of kris humphries wearing no ring moving boxes pics
Well lookee here. We have Kris Khumphries, *moving boxes from his New York City hotel room “home,” which is shared with wife Kim Kardashian. Oh, that, and he’s not wearing his ring, either. Why the long face, Kris? Why the small box? Moreover, why marry a woman who can’t even purchase a flat in NYC and has to stay in a long-term hotel room instead?

If it’s that last bit that steered you off course, friend, I can’t say I blame you. I think Kim‘s all hot and stuff, and would just love to learn all of her dirty little secrets, but that living-out-of-a-hotel-room part would definitely be the deal-breaker for me, too.

Good luck on your travels, bro!

*Incidentally, all of the Kardashians are moving out of the hotel since the NY version of their show wrapped, but that still doesn’t explain why boyfriend here’s not wearing his everlasting symbol of pure, perfect love.

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  • Now, I’m not saying that I *don’t* believe that there’s a possibility that they’re in trouble already, I just want to say that when my husband and I are doing things like, um, moving boxes, we usually take our rings off (he does for sure, because his is a little loose) to avoid hurting our fingers and/or losing the rings…

  • Ok, maybe I’m off a little here, but this guy is freakin’ tall right? 6’9″… look at his small feet… just sayin’.