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Kate Winslet: “What’s A Snooki?”

A photo of Kate Winslet

Even though the headline made me just laugh and laugh, this is actually a pretty sad story. See, poor little Snooki just loves Kate Winslet. She’s her favorite actress who starred in her favorite movie – what else?Titanic, and she wants to be just like her. As in, she dreams of being an actress of Kate’s caliber. Are you giggling yet? Ok, let’s continue.

In order to achieve her dreams, Snooki had her people call Kate’s people so the two could get together and chat. Snooki apparently even thought that she could get some tips from Kate. So what was Kate’s response when she heard of this request? She “just stared blankly and said, ‘What’s a Snooki?'”

Oh, Snooks. Don’t give up, honey. Kate’s just too busy cussing and taking pretty pictures to recognize your special brand of magic. Don’t give up though, girl! You’ll have your own personal Titanic one day. Let’s just hope your acting is a smidge better than your fellow castmates, all right?