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Hey, How Do We Like Snooki’s New Tattoo?

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What, you didn’t know that trashy-chic is the hot fashion statement for Fall 2011? Because damn, if it is, Snooki here’s got this business on lockdown.

What the hell is that, anyway? A crown? Over a heart? With feet? Is it the Shore version of the Irish Claddagh ring? You guys actually think this is going to be something she’s going to be happy with having when she’s fifty-some years old? Oh. Right. Yeah, you’re probably right. No, I can’t see Snooki ever outgrowing her obnoxious, loud-ass tendencies and her tanning and hair poofs, either. My bad.

Is it tolerable, or am I just gagging over nothing?

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  • I’d say intolerable. The argument of “think s/he will like that when she’s 80?” is ooooold.

    It looks like a crown over some sort of bow. I don’t know what it means but something tells me Snooki will be more than happy to explain, if asked. She likes to hear herself talk.

    • I didn’t want to admit it where everyone and their mother could see, but yes, she actually does look *kind of* cute, you’re right.

  • Well, a claddagh would have hands holding the heart; it was/is a symbol of two people in a relationship (the crown is an old holdover to clan/royalty).

    The design reminds me of a Faberge egg. There are similar designs.

    Although if I had to bet, I’d say it was a scepter head. With the bow on the bottom it could easily be a ‘princess’ scepter.

    Could it be the queen of hearts scepter? I’ve seen various designs and this is close to a number of them.

    Anyway, she probably looks better in this photo because it is compressed vertically slightly. That makes her (and her arm) look a good bit thinner. Look up some of the other photos of that arm.

  • snooks is the best. i am actually a fan. there are so many bland tall, scrawny celebs out there and you can barely tell them apart until you’ve been assaulted with their photos every day for a month. i’m sick of hollywood hot. give me jersey or give me death. i think that’s on the license plates.