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Someone I Do Care About Turned Twenty-Three This Weekend

photo of rupert grint birthday party las vegas pictures photos pics

OK. How weird is it that RUPERT GRINT is TWENTY-THREE and HEIDI MONTAG is TWENTY-FIVE? Something about that just does not compute. Like, I remember watching the early Harry Potter movies thinking, “Man, that little Ron Weasley is such a cute little boy.” If you’d have told me that I might say something similar about Heidi-frigging-Montag at a little-girl age (because they’re almost the SAME FRICKING AGE), I would have said you were tripping on something really stupid, like a bright orange extension cord or something. I just can’t wrap my head around this, guys.

Regardless, this is Rupert Grint celebrating his twenty-third birthday in … Las Vegas, also. Like Heidi Montag. Why do I not want my imagination to get the best of me? No, but seriously, why does a small part of me think this entire shebang turned out kind of how Colin’s adventure to America in Love, Actually did? Because that’s exactly how I’m seeing it play out.

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