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New Couple Alert: Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper?

A photo of Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper

Did you just gag a little? I just gagged a little. Not only because Bradley Cooper is way too awesome for Jennifer Lopez, but also because that little picture above is actually from a whole year ago, which might add some plausibility to this story. Which, you know, GROSS.

However icky this might make me feel, the story is that Bradley and Jennifer had a “romantic” dinner alone in New York on Saturday night. That’s all, no other details, nothing. So really, it might not be true. It might just be the figment of some really sick and twisted person‘s imagination. Hey, we can dream, right?

What do you guys think? Does it gross you out too, or do you think they make a cute couple? Or are you even cool enough to care about Bradley Cooper and his activities?

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