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Annie Leibovitz Photographed the Kardashian Trio

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Let’s play the spot-how-many-effed-up-things-there-are-in-this-picture game, shall we?

1. Since when is Kim both a lot larger-headed and a lot taller than both of her sisters? She looks positively cut and pasted into the photo, right?

2. Why does it look like Kourtney‘s awkwardly feeling for a baby-pulse there in Khloe‘s midsection? Was that scripted, or was it an accident that no one noticed?

3. Khloe’s face came off looking the best in this picture, and I’m afraid that’s not Photoshop, guys.

4. And speaking of Khloe (again), I know she’s not as petite-thighed as the other two gals (who aren’t all that petite-thighed to begin with) but how in hell are the tops of her knees tinier than those of both Kim and Kourtney?

5. … And why is it that you can almost see the top area of Khloe’s knee when you can’t see Kim’s despite the fact that KIM’S TALLER IN THIS PHOTO?

Final verdict? What an awful shitshow of a job, Annie Leibovitz, jeez. I’ve come to expect better from you and your cronies.

You can check out the other two photos in the gallery – be sure to point out all of the WTFs that you see in those, too. Doubtless there’s a ton of ’em.

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  • Those are not Kim’s natural legs. She wouldn’t be able to support the weight of her ass with those toothpicks!

  • the fuckin’ DEVILS these 3. gross, grosser & grossest. maaaan?-fuck their mom for training all her offspring to be delusional whores.

  • uhh, kim and kourtney are way shorter than khloe even in heels and it’s obvious they’ve been photoshopped to death. i’d also expect something more creative from annie. this looks like your typical kardashian spread with their sultry open mouthed whore faces. let’s change it up, no?

  • nasty girls and great photographer and just doesn’t make the cut.
    photo shop!!!
    tits and ass = $$$
    sad day

  • The heights are terrible. In the first photo you can actually see how big kims ass is. In the last photo, she looks like a traditional model. Retarded. Damn, Annie Leibowitz why’d you have to go and do this?

  • Um yes, kim does look straight up CUT AND PASTED in. possibly in all 3 actually. did she not show up or something? wtf?

  • Definately cut and pasted. How disappointing that such a brilliant photographer, Annie Leibowitz, would sink so low.

  • Khloe doesn’t seem to have any other expression than to look like the student who was texting under her desk when the teacher called on her to answer a question.

  • okay seriously WTF, there is no way in hell that Kim is taller than Khloe even in 8 inch heels. I’m sick of Kim, Khloe i can tolerate, Kourtney doesn’t bother me much but Kim grates on my nerves. Go away already..

  • The last time I heard someone say “EWWW, that smells like ass”, was when I held my finger under the fat kardashians nose.

  • If any of all y’all had bothered to read before spouting off your vile insults (with few of which I disagree, btw), you would have noticed that Annie created these photos under contract to Sears, who markets the K’s line of rags = a new ad campaign. Money trumps ethics and taste every time.

  • 1.I thought Annie had class!!

    2.Everyone must be hard up for a buck. From babies to garden tools. What a downgrade and waste of talent. Next Annie will take pictures of aborted fetuses!!
    3.BE real Kim got paid $5 million for her tape with Ray. So now Annie does p*rn star work too!! Wow..

  • This has got to be some of the worst and obvious PS-ing I have ever seen. It looks so robotic, un-natural, and rigid. You can tell that it is copied, pasted, and layered. The lighting on Kim doesn’t match the warm and cool tones on Khloe and Kourtney. It mgiht just be the hair, but something is really off about Khloe’s face.

    It looks awkward as fudge like they took the pics at different times, and they just slapped them together.