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Lady Gaga Attends VMAs as Jo Calderone

Never one to be outshone, Lady Gaga posed as her alter ego, studly Jo Calderone, all night at the VMAs. Some folks have already said that Gaga’s shtick is tired, but I thought her performance last night was priceless.

She did it as a full-on drag king, too, a totally cocksure spoof of masculinity. (Britney seemed both flattered and terrified of “Jo” when they shared the stage; Jo was eyef–cking Brit-Brit pretty hardcore.)

Gawker has video of Jo Calderone’s opening monologue as well as his Britney tribute. Take a peek!

I suspect that Gaga is most confident when she can disappear into costumes—in live interviews she always sounds so rattled!—and I couldn’t help but think that playing “Jo” gave Stefani Germanotta the confidence and oomph to, well, be herself. (I don’t buy the “misunderstood artiste” act for one minute, Stefani!)

Admittedly, my accolades might be in the minority—others are saying the whole thing was awkward and weird. Where do you weigh in?

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  • I was really excited knowing gaga was opening the VMA’s and was a bit let down she came out as Jo…however, I too think she rocked it and I loved every bit of it. I know I’m in the minority…but really when do you ever get to see some star, music or movie really just BE THEMSELVES? LOVED IT!