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Watch This: Adele’s Show-Stopping VMA Performance

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The Washington Post gives Adele‘s no-frills performance of “Someone Like You” its unofficial Best Live Performance of the VMAs award.

The Washington Post:

So what was her gimmick? Standing in one spot in an elegant dress and belting the heck out of her song “Someone Like You.” That was it. And it was precisely that simple, classy approach that earned her a standing ovation from the crowd and offered further proof that she is one of the most universally embraceable artists in contemporary pop music.

Seriously high praise. What did you think? (I thought she was a little pitchy, but for a live performance? Let’s give credit where it’s due—Adele is pretty wonderful.)

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  • It was a classy performance, it definitely stood out against all the cheese and flashiness but I hope her full on concerts aren’t like that. It would be boring to watcher her stand there for an hour.

    • beautiful lyrics and great music. I would like to see Fantasia sing as well as Kelly Clarkson just to hear it in different styles. Its a great song