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Jim Carrey is Officially Creepy AND I LOVE HIM

I say that with lots of love, guys, because Jim Carrey‘s like the brother I never had (OK – the brother I wish I’d had). I really felt for him during his very public breakup with Jenny McCarthy, because I think it hit him hard (and if you don’t, well then. You have some light reading to do, friends), and I think he’s ultra funny and entertaining. Plus, despite the fact that he’s a big, bad movie star with a repertoire a mile long, he does fun stuff in public with his daughter, and that speaks volumes.

However. Cyber-stalking our precious Emma Stone? I know she’s gorgeous and talented and funnyman in her own right, but practically asking for dates via YouTube isn’t exactly … oh, wait. Never mind. I positively frigging loved this.

Good luck, Jim – I hope you get your girl!

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  • Um, how did I get this far through life without realizing he is an actual genius? That was, like, an unexpectedly wistful rumination on Jim Carrey’s misspent youth. ALSO: HILARIOUS.