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Jim Carrey gave an awesome commencement speech in Iowa

jim carrey

I don’t pay too much attention to Jim Carrey one way or the other, but this was a great story – he stopped by Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa on Saturday to give the commencement speech to the school’s 2014 graduates. He also received an honorary degree of Doctor of Fine Arts Honoris Causa, so not too bad a weekend for ol’ Jim.

The speech itself can be watched in full below, but I thought this was a great part:

“The decisions we make in this moment are based in either love or fear. So many of us chose our path out of fear disguised as practicality. What we really want seems impossibly out of reach and ridiculous to expect so we never ask the universe for it. I’m saying I’m the proof that you can ask the universe for it. And if it doesn’t happen for you right away, it’s only because the universe is so busy fulfilling my order.”

Love it.

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After Winning An Emmy, Jeff Daniels Tweets Photo From Dumber And Dumber To

jeff daniels twitter photo dumb and dumber

Jeff Daniels is having a good week. He won an Emmy, beating out favorites Jon Hamm and Bryan Cranston. And now he’s on the set Dumb and Dumber To (get it?) having a jolly good time, tweeting photos.

He and Jim Carrey have on their best Dumb and Dumber faces and aside from looking significantly older (Mr. Daniels especially), not much has changed.

Are YOU excited for this 20-year-later sequel?


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Jim Carrey Doesn’t Support ‘Kick Ass 2′ Anymore

jim carrey

Jim Carrey shot his scenes as Colonel Stars and Stripes in Kick Ass 2 last year, but has since announced that he won’t promote the film ahead of its August release because he’s not really feeling the violence in the film – especially since the Sandy Hook shooting tragedy.

He announced this via his Twitter page (where else?) on Sunday; Universal Pictures hasn’t responded, but they probably wont.

Well, can’t argue with that. I mean, I don’t really correlate the two – movie violence and real-life violence – but I can see where he’s coming from and respect that. Below is the trailer for Kick Ass 2 – what do you think?

Quotables: Emma Stone Wants a Piece of Jim Carrey, Too

photo of jim carrey and emma stone

“I was so flattered I can’t even tell you. Honest! I was really flattered, I really was! … Right before the video came out, we were at the MTV Movie Awards. Jason Sudeikis hosted,” she recalls. “There was like five of us, and we just went on this tangent of talking nice behind Jim Carrey’s back. Jason was talking about how great [Carrey] was when he went on Saturday Night Live and how he was just like a comedic genius. Everyone was kind of weighing in, like ‘He’s the best. He’s amazing.’ And so when [the video] happened, we all kind of talked to each other like, ‘Weird, that was the guy we were lauding for, like, 30 minutes.’ Have you ever done that? Just all sat around a table saying nice things about one person? It was the greatest thing. You walk away, and you were just like, That felt so good, to talk about how wonderful someone is.”

Emma Stone on that “creepy” video that Jim Carrey did last year, professing his love for girlfriend Emma Stone here.

Now I don’t know why Emma’s taken an entire year to really address Jim’s video, but hey. I guess it’s better late than never, right? Also, I watched ‘Mr. Popper’s Penguins’ the other night. And no, before you ask, I don’t really know why, either. It just happened. Just like how I’d kind of like to see these two happen. Yeah, he’s old enough to be her dad, but that’s not stopping people like Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy, now, is it?

Get Preemptively Excited for ‘Burt Wonderstone’

Photo: Steve Carell stars as magician Burt Wonderstone

This image of comedy treasure Steve Carell ought to whet your interest in next year’s Burt Wonderstone, in which Carell stars as Burt Wonderstone.

The premise: a Vegas magician “breaks up with his longtime stage partner” (thank you, IMDb), and then a “new, ‘hip’ street magician” threatens the aging Wonderstone’s “relevance.” Hee hee!

Jim Carrey stars as Wonderstone’s professional nemesis, Steve Haines. Here he is as Steve Haines:

Photo: Jim Carrey stars in 'Burt Featherstone' as magician Steve Haines

God, that is so perfect. Whoever designed the costumes and makeup freaking nailed it.

Like, I am a huge fan of “close magic,” but the humorlessness of no-frills street magic is so ripe for parody. Can anyone take Criss Angel seriously? He looks like a character from some vampire anime thing.

In the meantime, serial creeper Steve Buscemi shares top billing as “Anton Lovecraft.” Educated guess: Buscemi’s character is a practitioner of the Darkest Arts. Too, too funny.

There’s another reason you should be excited about Burt Wonderstone: the screenplay was penned by prodigy John Francis Daley. That’s right, the rosy-cheeked kid from Freaks and Geeks. He’s 26! Twenty-six years old! And he wrote Horrible Bosses! That is just marvelously nuts to me; good grief.

Guys, I honestly intended to post the pic of Carell in magician’s garb over the weekend, and I completely blanked. I continued to forget about this amazing photo of Carell until this very morning, when the photo, without comment, became the #1 story on Reddit. People are really excited for this movie, you guys!

P.S. Um, yes. I decided to pad this post’s image gallery with some other pics from the set. Thanks, Celebuzz!

Jim Carrey Has a New Lady-Friend

Photo: Jim Carrey visits 'Regis and Kelly' on June 16, 2011

You guys? Don’t tell Emma Stone, but the New York Post is pretty sure Jim Carrey is dating a lady. Jim has probably been dating her for a couple months, in fact.

The lady’s name is Anastasia Vitkina, she’s very pretty and blonde, and her first-ever tweet condemned an article about Jim Carrey. (So did her last-ever tweet, incidentally. Uh. She’s only tweeted twice ever.)

A little digging uncovers that Miss Vitkina attended the renowned Parsons School of Design. I don’t know if you know this, but Parsons is so prestigious, someone named an Ikea table after it. (Originally this was intended as a joke, but it is actually sort of true. Oh, well.)

What’s really weird is, in the hours since Page Six first posted the story about the new couple, the website has cropped Carrey’s new girlfriend out of the photo again. That’s right: she was once in the frame, and now she is not.

Honestly? This sort of thing always baffles me. DO PEOPLE WANT TO DATE OR DON’T THEY? You might have to go out in public with your rich boyfriend eventually, folks, and anyway, we are all living in a post-Facebook world. I mean, I myself am all for privacy, but seriously, now. Don’t act so embarrassed about having a boyfriend, you lucky lady, you.

“‘Twas The Night Before Christmas” with Ryan Gosling, Jim Carrey, And Whiskey

Oh, and Eva Mendes. Because Eva Mendes is dating Ryan Gosling and she’s definitely sleeping with him because they’re serious enough that she shows up for a quick appearance in this video with him. Oh no, I didn’t just ruin this, did I?

I highly doubt it. Because few things are as lovable as Funny or Die’s Drunk History series, few works of Christmas art are as well known as “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas,” and few things are as creepy as the thought of Jim Carrey dressed as Santa Claus and breaking into your house. This video has everything.