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Church Of Scientology Denies Blame For Cathriona White’s Suicide

cathriona white

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Jim Carrey‘s 28-year-old ex-girlfriend Cathriona White had committed suicide just days after their most recent breakup. It was reported that the end of the couple’s relationship was mentioned in a suicide note she left behind, but since then, more and more facts about her life have been revealed. A big one is that Cathriona was apparently heavily involved with the Church of Scientology and was taking part in a cleansing ritual shortly before her death. However, the Church is trying to avoid any connection with her death.

From TMZ:

Cathriona White was reportedly very active in the Church of Scientology … taking part in a program called the “Purification Rundown” — a controversial drug and alcohol detox program combining exercise, medication, and sauna sessions.

But a Scientology spokeswoman tells TMZ any reports connecting White’s death to the church are a “sad and reprehensible” way to exploit the tragedy of her death. She also calls it “outright bigotry” because it’s “like saying a person who previously studied the Bible committed suicide.”

Law enforcement sources tell us investigators will question church officials about Cathriona’s involvement in the detox — but at this point they strongly believe her death had nothing to do with Scientology.

I’m sure that’s true. I don’t know the statistics of suicides within the Church, but something tells me there was much more going on with this poor girl than her involvement with the cult of Scientology. Still very sad all around.

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  • 1) She’s in entertainment
    2) She was nailing Jim Carrey????
    3) She’s a crazy Irish woman (not really an insult, as she’s also super hot)
    4) She’s into COS

    That, my EvilBeeters, is a toxic, toxic brew…