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Surprise, Jim Carrey Has a New Movie Coming Out!

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I know it’s been a minute since we’ve heard anything about Jim Carrey aside from the fact that he kind of went a little berserk after Jenny McCarthy broke up with him, but apparently boyfriend’s been busy filming a movie called Mr. Popper’s Penguins. The movie is about a real-estate developer who inherits a bunch of penguins and attempts to make them feel at home in his NYC apartment.

My favorite part of the trailer? Carrey and the penguins dancing to ‘Vanilla Ice.’ This is the classic Jim Carrey that everyone loves, and while I PROBABLY won’t see it in theaters, it’s definitely on the list for that random Friday or Saturday night when I’m sick or there’s nothing else to do.

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  • Everything about this movie is an atrocity. The filmmakers completely changed the concept of a wonderfully endearing children’s book into a fucking Jim Carrey shit show. There are penguins in it… the similarities end there. Oh, the horror.